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    Surge rating at elevated temprature

    Hi i have very basic/fundamental question ! We design product for CE certification . That includes surge requierment (IEC 61000-4-5). If we look at the standard it safecify pulse voltage , source resistor , timing at 25degC . The satndard also talks of some variation , too. It's easy to...
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    Turn on current requierment of IGBT /Mosfet

    Hi, all, i have doubt which i didn't had earlier :) . Any way for one of my application i need to design gate driver of IGBT IKW60N60H3 (data sheet attached) . Drain current is 30A, drain voltage is 400VAC. now we have requirement of turning on the IGBT in 50ns ..yes that fast. Now if i go by...
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    ADC bit calculation method

    Don't take values i put forward to real world values . i just took it illustrate the confusion . Actually the confusion there as some application note says that u only take DC error into the account and hence first method where as some app note talk about 2nd method . If i think more let 's if...
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    ADC bit calculation method

    Hi i have very basic question t put forward , Let say u want to measure a battery voltage which is 2.5 V with 1% error . The minimum voltage that battery can go is 0.1V. Now one way of calculating the no of bit required is 2.5/0.1 that is dynamic range is 25 . So, my ADC is bit requirement...
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    Safety issue in battery circuit and use of oscilloscope

    Hi , I have a little doubt , I want to test my circuit which is powered with 12V, 200Ah battery(VRLA) and check the outputs on oscilloscope. While testing can I connect battery -ve to the oscilloscope ground? Is there any safety risk, as oscilloscope internally connected to safety earth(PE)...
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    how to determine i/p sensitivity of the receiver

    Senstivity will be defined by the receiver's ability to sucessfuly decode the coming signal. And that will be defined by the BER. hope this will helped
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    WiFi and Zigbee hardware

    communication band is same but not the physical layer.
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    Current transformer suggestion

    This will depend on the turn ratio. u only need a "resistor" in the secondary of the CT.
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    Automated LCD, how to test and confirm all segments glow

    Hello all, i m not sure if it's the right forum . n way we have practical problem with the LCD testing. We have a segmented LCD of size 65mm x 60mm size with 288 segments (number and different symbols). Now after mounting on the card , how to test and confirm all the segments are glowing ...
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    UC3844 based design - help needed

    UC3844 based design Our Input specification of flyback smps is 60VAC to 300VAC and output is 5V at 200mA. Now to startup the UC3844B, bias current require is 0.5mA, so the startup resistor will be 100K. But at maximum input voltage that’s 300VAC (424VDC) , power dissipated will be 1.5W ...
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    Power supply --cheapest way

    Input specification : 60VAC to 300VAC ,45Hz to 65Hz Output specification: 3.3V@0.3A, 5V@0.1A Standard : Safety and CISPER 22 Wt do u think is the best and cheapest way to acheive it. One option i thought was transformer less capacitor based design , but current seems to high. Other is flyback...
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    slow rising ramp integrator opampp based

    Yes u r right , i am using ADC to sense the levels and than trigger the square wave.
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    slow rising ramp integrator opampp based

    thnaks. Ripple means , a big ~70mV change when i measure it with AC coupling in oscilliscope. What parameter make this swing ?
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    slow rising ramp integrator opampp based

    Please look at the circuit attached . I am feeding sq. wave to the opamp and expecting a triangular ramp signal at the output. I am getting it for sure , but i am also getting the ripple of ~70mV at the square wave change over. Please help me to remove the ripple.I am probing at the "Out"...
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    Band - gap reference for ADC

    Band-gap ref for ADC Thanks for replying. I am talking of voltage reference to ADC . Now i would be using 14bit of ADC. and as per my calculation 0.003% is the requierment of initial tolerance and less than 1ppm is required for the temco as temprature range is -20 to 70degC. I hope i have...
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    Band - gap reference for ADC

    Band-gap ref for ADC I have a micro which has band-gap reference of 1.2V . I am powering up the ADC with 3.3V and i want to give reference to my ADC around 3.3V. Do you think i can use band-gap ref. and use a voltyage follower to make it ~3.3V . Or u may suggest me some other technique ...
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    need information about large signal analysis

    Large signal analysis use .trans analysis
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    confused with op amps ... any tips how to study op amps?

    focus.ti.com/lit/an/slod006b/slod006b.pdf read this , will give enough to start with. All the best
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    Writing to external memory

    All are avilable on vendor site. Chk datasheet and application note

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