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    add delay to a narrow band signal

    Hello I have a query and will appreciate your help. I want to add a delay(+/- T) to a narrow band signal. I have considered n=0:1/255/1000:1/1000; s=sin(2*pi*1e3*n); 's' is a narrow band signal with frequency 1KHz. Am I correct until here? If I am not, can you please specify an example of a...
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    Probability Hypothesis Density(PHD) Filter

    Hello I am working on multiple target tracking. I need a sample Matlab code for the Probability Hypothesis Density(PHD) filter. I have searched in a few sites, but am successful till now. If you have or are aware of any resources that assist in Matlab coding, please do help me out. Cheers
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    broadband signal, randn, Matlab query

    Hi I need a small clarification Can we treat s = sin(2*pi*100*randn(1,101).*[0:1/100:1]) as a broad band signal? My idea is that, since its fft "plot(abs(fft(s)))" has a value at every frequency, it might be considered as broadband. But I am not sure. Please advice. It is of the form s(t) =...
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    broadband signal generation, randn, delay in time

    Hi I need a small help regarding generating broadband signal in Matlab. I need to generate two broadband signals s1(t) and s2(t) (in terms of time 't'). At a later stage, I need to find s1(t-D), where 'D' is the delay and can be a real number(say 3.1) I understand I can use s1 =...

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