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  1. masud58

    [SOLVED] {REQ} IGBT MODULE - need hardware design and pcb

    {REQ} IGBT MODULE Hello all. I am looking for this device which use full H-Bridge topology for sinewave. please help me to get hardware design and pcb. no need any sorcecode. thanks
  2. masud58

    Microchip Masters Conference 2007

    all class https://rapidshare.com/files/70246072/masterconference.rar Added after 2 minutes: another usefull class https://rapidshare.com/files/69621029/CLASSES.rar
  3. masud58

    need help on battery charger

    assalamu alikum i have a design which charge 120a/h battery from 145v ac . can some one write an programme for this type of design. it charge if main ac voltege 220ac it charge 11A if main ac voltage 145ac it charge 11A constant first sence main ac voltage then send frequency to moc for...
  4. masud58

    server with another 100 microcontroller

    Hi all Please Help Me . I have Design A hardware and simulate it. It works very fine. if i want to comunicat each other from 100 feet , cabel need RX, TX, GND . It will be work or not? I can't like to use max 232, Masud https://geocities.com/matrixele/mypage
  5. masud58

    Explaining the process of tin plating

    Please tell me the process of tining at pcb. thanks masud https://geocities.com/matrixele/mypage
  6. masud58

    Proteus Model AT89S8252 request

    proteus at89s8252 Can Someone send me model /lib for At89S8252 microcontroller. i am working with this microcontrller. Thanks Masud Matrix Electronics [/img]
  7. masud58

    Pic or 8051 , which is perfect for me?

    Hi, I have done many product with 8051 core like atmel. but now at this time i have facing some problem. i want to wark with ADC, EEPROM,WDT, i think at89s8252 have EEPROM & WDT, only Adc not in use. if i use op-amp like LM 339 to detect analog volt and convert with label, and convert +5v...
  8. masud58

    working with 8051 & blank sim card

    Hi All. I want to working with sim card based sequrity system. where i can write identify code, i am work with bascom. please help me . about blank sim card, reader & writer with AT89C##. thanks :2gunfire:
  9. masud58

    Humidites sensor - software with lcd

    Humidites sensor Hi, can someone write humidites sensor software + LCD with bascom software. and which device for humidites? Please Help masud :idea:

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