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    Why cant you jog in lower metal for antenna effect

    Hello friends, I have a lots of doubt in antenna violation why we dont route in lower metal layers, I have someone please let me know if my analysis is right, The main intention to avoid antenna violation is to break the metal layer either it is lower or higher it should not matter, cause...
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    Explanation of reason for RAM orientation

    Hello board, While do designs at 40nm there is a rule that the RAM orientaion must be same either horizontal or Vertical for the entire chip. can someone let me know the reason why it has to be so? .. is there any kind of corsstalk issues that comein if I place RAMs in both the orientation...
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    atoptech Aprisa user manual

    I wanted Atoptech Aprisa user manual, can someone please let me know where to download it.
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    alliance cad - installation in ubuntu 9.04

    alliance cad help needed Hello everyone I need to install alliance cad in ubuntu 9.04 linux .. is it possible if so please give me some documentation for the same as i am new to installing in linux
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    tcl comparision - result shows two same lists are different

    script tcl help hi friends, I have a problem in tcl comparision as most of eda work is tcl related I hope I get a answer. I have 2 lists list1 = {HVt 1.0 LVt 2.35} list2 = {HVt 1.000 LVt 2.3500} when I compare this two lists I get the result saying both the list are different where as...

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