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  1. rushi53

    MplabX & XC8 - PIC18F4550- USART Problem with 9600 baud rate & extrenal 20MHZ crystal

    MplabX & XC8 - PIC18F4550- USART Problem with 9600 baud rate & extrenal 20MHZ crystal I am interfacing PIC18F4550 with a touchscreen. My touchscreen gives serial output with 9600 baud rate. Below is the format of touchscreen *output data at 9600baud rate. 0x0A X:0065 Y:0089 Z:0029 0x0D I am...
  2. rushi53

    Plz correct my C code (Device controlling through LPT port)

    I am working on "Device controlling through Parallel port" I found following C program on internet. But I am not getting output. When I run this program, it gives high output at all pins. (even if I press any key) Please help me to find the mistake in this code. Expected output: when 1 key is...
  3. rushi53

    Problem with Master - Multi slave communication

    I am working on a project in which a Master microcontroller has to communicate with 3 slave microcontrollers (all are 89s51) I have to implement following steps: 1. Master will select slave by sending device address. 2. Then selected slave will perform the action 3. Then that slave will send...
  4. rushi53

    Serial Programmer for AVR ATmega16/32

    Hi, I am working on a AVR based "Temperature/Humidity Controlling" I am using ATmega16/32 I need AVR programmer using serial port. I searched on Google, but got confused due to many circuits. Don't know which is correct and working. It will be better if you suggest me any ISP circuit, which...
  5. rushi53

    Problem with MOC3011 & BT136

    Hi, I am working on Temperature controlled fan. (or say, Fan Dimmer) In this I have used 89s51, ZCD(using LM358), MOC3011 & BT136 Out of these, ZCD and 89s51 are working properly. I require 0 to 10 steps for speed of fan. When I set fan to zero speed, the fan is turned off, this is fine. But...
  6. rushi53

    Problem in Zero Crossing Detector(ZCD) Circuit

    Hi, I am working on "Temperature controlled Fan using 89s51". Requirement is: Fan speed should vary depending upon temperature variations. I am using Triac BT136 for controlling fan speed, I am varying the firing angle for triac. Zero crossing detector (ZCD) is used here. I am working on...
  7. rushi53

    Should I choose AVR or PIC... What is the basic difference ?

    I am very well familiar with 8051 (89s51) Now I want to start with more advanced microcontroller. I am going to do microcontroller programming in C as I am very well aware of embedded C programming. Now my question is should I go for AVR or PIC... What is the basic difference between them...
  8. rushi53

    Need Assembly to Hex converter for AVR ATmega series

    avr studio 4.17 download Hi all, I need Assembly to Hex converter for AVR ATmega8, ATmega16, ATmega32. I am very much familiar with 8051 and now I want to start with AVR I am writing AVR programs ONLY in assembly language. Please help me in this regard. Waiting for your replies :)...

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