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    What is the function of Lithium battery internal circuitry?

    What is the function of Lithium battery internal circuitry? I mean when you open a Lithium battery pack there is a small PCB with a couble of SMD ICs and some other components. I beleive this is used to record the state of charge of the cells and control the charging in case the temperature of...
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    colour camera module of Mobile GSM phones

    nokia 6230 cameramodule datasheet I have 2 GSM mobile phone that are faulty and cannot (cost a lot to) be repaired. I was thinking to use their camera (after removing it) as a small still or motion picture camera for my projects. The phone I have are the NOKIA 6230 and the SIEMENS SL65. Does...
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    SMS controller from Silicon Chip magazine

    silicon chip sms controller I had saw many people here willing to build an SMS controller. I decided to scan and attach the article SMS Controller published in the Octomber-November 2004 issue of Silicon Chip Magazine. The Hex file for the microcontroller is included also.
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    Schematics for STUDIOMASTER audio amplifiers

    mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/studiomaster The following link has many schematics for the STUDIOMASTERs amplifier series. **broken link removed**
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    Identify this mosfet please

    Does anyone knows the specifications of this MOSFET? What equivalents or where to find mor info? It is made by Motorola, it is a plastic package and the prints display: DE 9640 MTW 32N20E in three lines as indicated above. I guess it is a 200 volts at 32Amps but just guessing Thank you in...

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