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    Serial receive issue on ds33EP256MU810 microcontroller.

    Hi all I am receiving 116 bytes of data on serial port the packet format is fixed as i am receiving Byte0 and Byte1 as '<' and at Byte114 and Byte115 as '>' just to check thet i am receiving a right packet. for that purpose i have written the ISR as void __attribute__...
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    PIC24EP64GP206 DMA controller with serial communication.

    Hi I have to send around 700Byte and receive 500Byte per sec approx i am using 16-Bit but during that transmit receive the controller becomes busy i have to disabled other interrupts. According to Microchip there is a DMA co-processor within that controller i was trying to study it from the...
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    PIC24EP64GP206 external oscillator settings.

    Hi. I am working with 16 bit PIC24EP64GP206 microcontroller i have connected a 8Mhz external crystal at primary oscillator pins but from last so many hours i am not able to configure its oscillator registers i am using C30 compiler downloaded from Microchip.com please let me know how to...
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    Isolation between RS-485 and Microcontroller Tx Rx.

    Hi.. I am using Max485 and PIC18F452 for communicating multiple devices but there is no isolation in MAX-485. I need to implement isolation between the two,as ISO3086 from texas is costly IC i want to make it using optocouplers and related hardware. if anybody has done it before please share the...
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    Long distance temperature measurement

    Hi All I have to measure temperature of a DG(Diesel Generator) canopy by using a Microcontroller which will be around 5-10 meters from the DG to a control room.For that purpose wire length will be increased previously i was using 10K NTC which was not so far from the MCU. if i go for the same...
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    IL300 and linear amplifier for DC voltage sensing

    Referred to the attached circuit from the same forum i need to convert DC 0-60V to 0-5Vdc. As it is shown at the input of op-amp we need to connect 0-10V at the input for that purpose i have connected a voltage divider of 100K and 200K POT which will give 10V at 60V input i have connected...
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    AC voltage sensing without transformer and POTentiometer

    Please suggest how to sense AC voltage without isolation transformer by using combination of Resistance and Capacitors. i need to convert AC 230V to a level of 0-5V so that i can sense it using a Microcontroller. I have heard about isolated OP-AMPS are used for that purpose but never used them...
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    keil &#181;vision 2 problem.

    Hello guys i m using keil µvision 2 . i have read some tutorials also from internet it works properly but i m not able to make a hex file please reply with some links etc. if there is any need of any patch file please suggest.
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    Diesel level transmitter + wave travelling speed. plz rply.

    i have a project of ultrasonic based diesel sensor. But this is already in use but i wants to make it different then sound/ultrasonic wave. so please tell me is there any wave which travels below sound wave speed. the speed of sound wave is 340m/s..
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    How to generate delay using register banks?

    delay generation hi guys i m a new member and it,s my new post ever in any discussion forum... i m using µc P89V51RD2FN i just want to start with how to generate a delay using register banks .. plz explain the concept from a zero level... as how to calculate machine cycle, use of crystal...

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