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    Anybody has any link on serdes IOBIST?

    serdes IOBIST Anybody has any link on serdes IOBIST? Thanks!
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    DFt interview questions. Min pattern number needed.

    I was asked for two DFT questions recently. Can anybody help to answer? 1. for path-delay pattern, what is the min pattern number needed? 2. For mbist , what is the min pattern needed? 0/1; &|a/5
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    can fork/join be nested in systemverilog

    Can fork/join be nested in systemverilog? For example, I have fork fork test1; timer1; join any fork test2; timer2; join any join Is it legal? Also , what is the lastest systemlog version? Is it 3.1a? Any link to the latest one?
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    VERIFY ASYNC fifo in verilog - scoreboard implementation

    VERIFY ASYNC fifo I am trying to write a testbench & testcase in systemverilog to verify an async FIFO. Could anybody provide some sample code? How do I test the scenario of writing and reading simutnously? How can i implement or call the scoreboard? Thanks! kitty

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