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    How to make simple remote circuits using FM receiver/tx

    remote circuits can i make a simple remote using FM receiver/tx, thanks
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    Suggest me books to learn basics of electronics

    i want to learn basics of electronics............ plz recommend web links and books. thanks a lot..........
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    fuse identification and classification

    i have variety of fuses but i donot know classifications and identification of fuses. can you help?
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    inductance measurement

    i have a 2.5kva 230/115volt 50Hz transformer. i want to measure inductance of its primary and secondary windings. without an LCR meter how i can perform this task? thanks
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    How to build a surge suppression circuit?

    how i can build surge suppression circuit with minimum response time and maximum energy dissipation using "metal oxide varistors" OR plz give other suggessions and websites, thanks
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    Identify a component that has 5545 p312 OBAR written

    component identification 5545 p312 OBAR above is written on a three terminal electronic device. wht is meant by this
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    under over voltage shutdown circuit

    i want to connect an over under voltage shut down circuit at 3-phase input mains. input power supply specs are following: 400V 50Hz delta . have you any circuit or web link for this purpose. thanks
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    Information about power cable sizes and current rating

    power cable sizes have u any info about power cable sizes and current rating related web site. i want to use this in my home's wiring plan
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    Evaluating resistance knowing only the colors of resistor?

    resistance evaluation i've a resistor with off-white coloured body and only one black colour band on it. how i can determine its resistance ?
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    How to evaluate microFarad of a capacitor?

    capacitance evaluation how i can evaluate microFarad of a capacitor from following data given on its body? 3b472 2h~ 931
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    How to safely charge a ni-cd battery ?

    ni-cd battery charging what are the basic formulas and techniques by which i can safely charge my ni-cd batteries?
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    Looking for website with basic electronics knowledge

    basic electronics i need basic information about resistor , capacitors, diods and transistors from internet. have u useful websites.
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    how i can calculate hp of a motor for a certain load. can u tell me some formulae and/or some useful web links. thanks
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    Help me build FM receiver with sharp frequency adjustments

    i want to build up an FM receiver with sharp frequency adjustments. plz tell web links having simple circuit ideas.
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    audio transformer for hobby circuit

    how i can build an audio transformer of following specs (poor accuracy required): 1kct:200k? what are safety precautions for HT flashover prevention in this circuit?

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