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    DVB-T modulator Source code

    I'm looking for DVB-T modulator source code in VHDL or Verilog. Any help is appreciated. My email is moghtada(at)yahoo.com. Meanwhile, what hardware are needed to implement DVB-T modulator for two input videos in SDi and LAN types? Best
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    Dear Shahnaz, Do you have any experience on DTV-T? If you do, we can have a joint project. Plz...

    Dear Shahnaz, Do you have any experience on DTV-T? If you do, we can have a joint project. Plz contact me via moghtada@yahoo.com. Best Vahid
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    [SOLVED] Coaxial Dielectric Resonator BandPass Filter

    Dear Ali, I found some papers to do that as following: 1)Basic Data on High-QCeramic Coaxial Resonators 2)IEIECE Trans. Electronic, Vol.E82_C, Bo.7, July 1999, Page 1110 3)Ceramic Bandpass Filters-Boon or Bane? 4)A BANDPASS FILTER USING DIELECTRIC COAXIAL RESONATORS WITH A TEMPERATURE-STABLE...
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    How to add libraries of ADS2009 into ADS2011?

    Dear friends, As you know the libraries in ADS2009 is attached to this software but in ADS2011 you should add your libraries, yourself. Who know how to add the libraries in ADS2009 into the ADS2011? Best regards, moghtada - - - Updated - - - I mean the devices libraries like Agilent...
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    Dielectric resonator Filter at 915MHz

    Thank you a lot, real "Big Boss".
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    Dielectric resonator Filter at 915MHz

    I have a very narrow band filter at 915MHz with a 26MHz band pass. Its rejection at 930MHz is more than 30dB!!!!. I think it is a dielectric resonator filter but I am not sure about it. The photo is attached. Please help me to find the type of this filter and the part number of resonator. Best...
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    Data Network by Gallager

    Dear Pangpangfish, Would you please email me pdf version of "Data Network 2nd edition" by Gallager? my email is moghtada_AT_yahoo_dot_com. Tx a lot. Best Vahid
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    Positive Phase Noise in Spectre PSS

    I have this problem so, I simulated my ring oscillator by cadence and ADS but both results are same. I think it is because of software model and you should ignore it.
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    Problems with Seiler VCO transient simulation time

    Seiler VCO problems Why dont you use HB simulation? It is very fast and accurate.
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    ADS error message:The internal timestep is too smaller. Help

    agilent internal timestep too small at time you should add few capacitor (about 100M ohm @ 24GHz) at all nodes in your schematic then simulate it. yours
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    HARVEST cordless phone schematic required

    If anybody has the schematic of HARVEST cordless phones schematics please help any model and handset or base. thanks a loooooooooooooot
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    What are the pros and cons of different LNA architectures?

    UWB LNA dear oabedi the firs chapter of "Silicon-Based RF Front-Ends for Ultra Wideband Radios" compares some lna architectures. you can get it from gigapedia. have fun. vahid
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    Multiple access of MB OFDM UWB????

    one of major multiple access in UWB-based links is PN code. in addition, by PN code you can increase SNR until 10log(PN lenght). have fun. vahid
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    0.35um digital process for IC?

    Dear stef_eng, 0.35µ is the smallest lenth (L) of gate that a MOS can select in that technology. regards. vahid
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    Amplifier for UWB Radar (3.1 to 10.6 GHz)?

    Re: Amplifier for UWB Radar Have u seen PL3100 producted by CWAVE?
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    need lecture about UWB LNA

    you can see UWB MIT group specialy chandrakasan's papers.
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    distortion on camera image by a high power AM transmitter

    dear sirs, I have installed a camera (CCTV) near a high power AM transmitter (200KW power @900KHz Freq) but after 50 m coaxial cable I have a distorted iamge. what is your idea to improve it and cancle distortion? Thanks VAHID
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    Variable circuit based approach to adding jitter to PLL output.

    jitter you can add noise to the input of VCO in your PLL by a noise source. noise source spec is depended in your need. moghtada
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    how to verify gama of mos transistor

    If u have software(like CADENCE or HSPICE) u can simulate it in a suitable DC bias but if u want do it in a discrete circuits, ur result will be wrong!
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    beginner! question about testbench

    If your use Active_VHDL there is an icon called "wave_form". after double click, appear a window in right and all signals and variable in left. you can select them to display. Good Luck moghtada

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