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  1. shebo

    Library for VisualC++MFC to scan and parse text

    I'm working on small project using VisualC++ MFC a part of my project i use some sort of texts scanning and parsing, i'm inquiring if there a library which i should include in my project to help me something like scanner class in java.
  2. shebo

    What is Focus Language?

    What is Focus Language? any resources ?
  3. shebo

    What is Quaternion and where is it used?

    What is quaternion ? and what it is used for ? any tutorials or books about quaternion plz
  4. shebo

    Q:operator overloading?

    i'm using VC++ which is performance wise ? 1 - CDMatrix& CDMatrix::operator -(CDMatrix& in) { for(int i=0;i < this->row ;i++) { for(int j=0;j < this->column ;j++) { tmp.MData[i][j]=MData[i][j]-in.MData[i][j]; } } return(tmp); } where tmp is a new object of the class...
  5. shebo

    AVR & PIC Products Application ?

    avr &pic dem 2 Does anybody know any commercial products that are embeded with AVR or PIC MCU's
  6. shebo

    Qn:Algorithms used by Serach engines ?

    what are most used algorithms used by Search engines sites like (google, yahoo, visimo) ?
  7. shebo

    REQ:Solution Manual Cryptography and Network Security

    cryptography and network security solution manual Solution Manual for Cryptography and Network Security William Stalling any edition. all older topics requesting this book either deleted or the uploaded file is deleted, help please .
  8. shebo

    Why Freescale and HC12 families aren't so popular?

    how come here we oftenly talking about pic, avr and 8058 and we rarely talk about freescale and HC12 families ?
  9. shebo

    pb-free ,RoHS and Green ?

    What are pb-free , RoHS and Green which is provided by Atmel ?
  10. shebo

    How does Grid computing work?

    i was asking if anyone can explaing to me about Grid computing, How it works ? and it s advantages ? also recommend to me any books about this field .
  11. shebo

    help with TWI interfacing

    Dear all, this my write operation c code i'm using CodeVision TWI interfacing protocol, what in my code doesn't make it work? void WriteMemo(unsigned char ADCr, unsigned char LSB_add, unsigned char MSB_add) { TWCR = (1<<TWINT) | (1<<TWSTA) | (1<<TWEN); // start signal TWDR = 0xA0; //...
  12. shebo

    Problem in a CodeVision TWI interfacing protocol

    Dear all, this my write operation c code i'm using CodeVision TWI interfacing protocol, what in my code doesn't make it work? also i enabled I-bit in SREG , and i intialized Register TWCR with 0x40
  13. shebo

    REQ:proteus model of 24c512?

    vsm proteus 7.5 models requesting a proteus model of AT24c512, or at least recommend to me any similar model that i can find in the proteus library. i'm using 6.9 sp4 version
  14. shebo

    REQ: Detailed Datasheet

    i want detailed datasheet on interfacing AT24c512 with ATmega16
  15. shebo

    Why Vref is selected between two values ?(ADC with AT90PWM3)

    why Vref is selected between two values Vcc or 2.56 v ? does it affect on accuracy of sampling ?
  16. shebo

    Question about four memory bits in MC68HC812A4

    in MC68HC812A4, when applying memory mapping to extra window to the address $0000 which will interfere with 512 bytes register then by applying memory expansion to extra memory we have to use CS0, CS1, CS2, CS3 bits, my question is why we have to use them i already know we use them to...
  17. shebo

    How to convert number to BCD and display it w/o using micro?

    converting problem ? i need to display 8 bits binary number for example (01110010) (114 decimal) on three 7 segment display without using microcontroller . share your ideas plz ! my input number is not BCD i want to convert it first to BCD then display it on the 7 segmets
  18. shebo

    Atmel 89C51 programmer

    atmel 89c51 programmer where can i find a good desing for Atmel 89C51 programmer ?
  19. shebo

    C & Java problem ?

    Is there a way to link between C and Java ?
  20. shebo

    C & Java Connection ?

    Is there a way to connect bettween a C code to Java, In other way how to implement a Java code that include some C codes ?

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