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    RC toy not working if the transmitter is far away from toy car

    My son hav a cheap RC controlled toy car which was working well. right now the toy car in not working unless I hold the transmitter extremely close to the toy. I had checked the transmitter with another toy car of same frequency(27Mhz) & its working fine . does the toy car lost its designated...
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    what is this terms stands for? : VL- VL+ etc..

    what are these terms stands for? : VL- VL+ etc.. What are these terms stands for? VL+ VL- VH+VH- I found this labels when I opened my 8 year old home theatre. These are labelled near the transformer pcb. Is this a high voltages to drive the power amp (STK 407) of the system.? Can I convert...
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    Substitute for cep83a3?

    first of all im not at all an experienced electronics engineer.. hi all... i had a nice firework just before posting this thread :-D... By googling i found that cep83a3 is an N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor. Again by Googling i found that cep50no6 is also N-Channel...
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    How to detect a valid connection in a circuit?

    Hi all, Once again im back with a new question :smile: My first post in this forum was regarding the DTMF circuit, I had built that circuit and its working perfectly. I would like to know that: is there any mechanism/technique to detect whether the input to decoder ic is connected to the phone...
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    which diode to use for bridge rectifier?

    hi all.... i wish to buid a bridge rectifier for a 12v supply. The source supply is my bike which is capable of delivering high Current, is it safe to use the diode IN4007 for this purpose ? I guess the bike's dynamo will generate 12v capable of supplying upto 7A. do I need to change the diode...
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    [SOLVED] Sound Detecting circuit

    Hello all.. I would like to ask a question regarding a circuit that must produce some output upon detecting some sound signal.ill describe in detail... consider there exist a system the system must accept an input sound from mobile phone(just imagine as a "LONG BEEP" and "SHORT BEEP")...

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