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    [PIC] analog input and digital output on the same port

    I am having difficulties with having both analog input and digital output on the same port on PIC16F88. On PIC16F88, PORTA is bidirectional I/O pins can be used for both analog inputs or digital inputs. I would like to have; RA1/AN1 as analog input and RA0/AN0 as digital output which will be...
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    [PIC] HOW to send feedback from the coordinator to the node based on Zigbee???

    Am using DRF_1605 module which works on zigbee technology. i am able to read temperature data from temperature sensor by using these modules, Now i want to transmit feedback from the coordinator to the other 3 nodes by using zigbee technology it is work but i put a LED on the PORTA as output to...

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