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    [SOLVED] LNA matching at 200Mhz

    Here the response of the manufacturer and the simulated with ADS model I have. My conclusions: It was indeed possible to make it work with different matching values. It was needed a RC feedback for stabillity Model still differs from measurements from manufacturer Matching is not as good as...
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    [SOLVED] LNA matching at 200Mhz

    I think I am not clear about my question, excuse me for my english. First step to design a matching network would be to know at wich impedance it has to be the LNA to properly work at 200MHz and in this case it seems it is not given in the datasheet. second 20 of this video shows what I mean...
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    [SOLVED] LNA matching at 200Mhz

    The device is supposed to work from 50MHz to 3GHz but you have to change the configuration to use it in the frequency you want. The datasheet give you the configuration for 0.9GHz and 1.9GHz. With 0.9GHz configuration it can be used for other frequencies but not for 500MHz and below, poor...
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    [SOLVED] LNA matching at 200Mhz

    Hello, I want to use this LNA -> https://docs.broadcom.com/docs/AV02-1706EN for a design. Datasheet shows matching for 0.9GHz but I want to use it at 200MHz. Which procedure do you use in these cases? I tried to measure the LNA ADS model without matching and then apply a LC matching similar...
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    X parameters (XnP) in ADS

    Hello, I have the following XnP parameters for a LNA. I want to simulate in ADS the transfer of power (S21) and the IMR3 (harmonic simulation). I know how to simulate S param., with the data item touchstone etc. But with X param. I am never successful. Any advices? Thank you in advance! LNA...
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    Antenna dimensions required

    Dimensions are usually given by lambda/4. There are several techniques and several antenna designs to reduce dimensions etc. But anyway TV frecuencies are lower (450-550) than GSM ones so maybe you can implement a TV antenna like the one I showed you in the photos and in the same PCB implement a...
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    Wilkinson power divider design.

    I have found a report I made during my master degree. I attatch it to you as instructions of how to made the reduced wilkinson divider. https://mega.nz/#!HUNxyLAR!bhZz_G6RR8z8YvjJz6Y9upSbHLEFDJwpX994kUKLjqU PS: you could also choose a higher dielectric substrate as BigBoss said.
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    Antenna dimensions required

    Because GSM antennas are usually made of porcelain patches like these ones https://www.abracon.com/Support/Patch-Antennas.pdf And for TV are usually made yagui kind. Very directive and big. Like these ones https://www.amazon.com/HDTV-Fringe-Outdoor-Television-Antenna/dp/B00DHHQSB8 Luckily for...
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    Antenna dimensions required

    Are you looking for a triband planar antenna for all those services?
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    Wilkinson power divider design.

    Using metalines. By periodically capacitive loading the transmission line you can reduce its physical dimensions as well as giving it dual band functionalities.
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    [SOLVED] Chebyshev filter with real components

    Thank you for your answer! What we have done is reduce to order 2, increase to BW=150MHz (this has been very helpful because value varation didn't affect so much) and do a ADS optimitzation for S11 and S22. Now losses are about 0.6dB. It's a pitty not to have a good filtering at 315MHz but it...
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    [SOLVED] Chebyshev filter with real components

    Hello all, I'm trying to implement a Chebyshev bandpass 3rd order filter at 433MHz. Values are: Element 1 , Orientation : series C = 0.165 pF, L = 820.909 nH Element 2 , Orientation : shunt C = 365.229 pF, L = 0.37 nH Element 3 , Orientation : series C = 0.165 pF, L = 820.909 nH Idealy...
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    could found symbol generator in ADS 2015

    If you defined the correct ports in the circuit you wanted the symbol from you could also go to the library icon in ADS schematic and there you may find the name of the circuit. Then you can drag and drop it to your schematic. Prompt saying there is no symbol would appear and then you click in...
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    Filter Design for broad band

    Hello @rajesh navagare , For a properly filter design I think you would need 50 ohms in both ports. Maybe a matching network is what you need. I often use this calculator to simplify work: https://www.eeweb.com/toolbox/t-match You will need to know that 0.7pF are Z_c=1/jwC where w=2pif BR
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    [SOLVED] Altium Line impedance calculator

    Hello @Mattylad, polarsi 9000 does take into account the trapezoid shape. Although CAD people told me it is negligible. If I had to calculate this effect I think I would have to know the fabrication process (quimics, time of etching, etc.), right?. I think it is negligible in front of the mask...
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    regarding microstrpline

    Hello @soundav, I understand you want to design a microstrip with distributed elements. I highly recommend you this book https://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470408774.html The main idea is that a lambda quarter transmission line would act like a LC resonator. There are...
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    [SOLVED] Altium Line impedance calculator

    Thank you @SLK001 for your answer. Yes it is CPWG line sorry. I finally found the error. First of all is not Altium impedance calculator what they use. It is polar si9000. And the error was that the calculus they made is done having in account the soldering mask. Is a more complete calculus...
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    A cavity simulation in HFSS

    I also had many problems with HFSS and cavity simulations with my master thesis. I finally succeded at simulating a cavity but not a cavity filter :( It may be problem of the port definition... I attatch you the cavity I made with S11 simulation at -3db at the resonating point and the other is...
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    Dispersion Curve calculation in HFSS

    I have had problems simulating with HFSS in the past. Have you tried to simulate the same port in a known structure like a transmission line or a cavity and see correctly S parameters? I am really interested to follow this topic. Just by curiosity, which type of metameterial would be? (If we...
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    UWB radar system (for medical imaging) in MATLAB simulink

    you may need a UWB filter to follow the antenna? My degree thesis was the design of a sw that automated the design of that filter and I explained it's functionallity. Maybe is of your interest. https://ddd.uab.cat/record/131445?ln=es It is written in catalan. Hope that a translator will do the...

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