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    Send data to client without request

    Hi In regular request/response between client and server, first a client initiates a request to server, then server responses. Assume that the server always knows the IP address of its clients (note that clients have dynamic IP address). Is it possible to send data to them without request from...
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    Battery Management System IC

    Hi! I want to use an IC for Battery Management System like bq76PL536(Texas Instrument product). I have to control 4s8p (4 series*8 parallel) cells.. It's something like this: I'm aware that these kinds of ICs are designed for series cells. But my question: is it practical and possible to...
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    Introducing good sources for GUI and JPCAP in JAVA

    Hi friends, Could you please introduce me some good sources for learning GUI and JPCAP in java? Thanks
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    Image Processor SSD1928 Question

    Hi friends, I'm currently working on a 3.5" LCD (TFT LCD). There is an Image processor called SSD1928 for driving this LCD. First, I need to color the panel. Say make the LCD panel red. Has anyone tried SSD1928 before?
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    VHDL code explaination for CRC

    Hi friends, I have the VHDL code for CRC (ethernet 802.3), but I don't know how to use the code. For instance I don't know when I must set the "crc_en". Could you please guide me? (The code is belong to https://outputlogic.com/) Thanks in advance library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all...
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    using SignalTap (tool in Quartus II) for internal RAM

    Hello friends, how can I use SignalTap to read the content of an internal RAM? Thanks
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    Creating BRAM in Quartus

    Hello, How can I write a BRAM in Quartus? I had been working with ISE and don't know how to define a BRAM in Quartus. Thanks
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    SRAM problem Spartan 3

    Hello friends, Could you please introduce some sources of operation of SRAM asynchronous or please explain how does it work?I searched, but I couldn't find useful tutorial. For example: for writing operation what should be done? I wanna implement BIST(built-in self-test) for SRAM on Spartan 3...
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    problem in signaltap Quartus II

    Hello friends, I'm a newbe in signaltap tool in Quartus II. I can configure the signaltap to see input/output pins changes. But when I want to see the changes of registers of my design, it just shows '0' value without change and also one warning is added to the critical warnings: Critical...
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    Accurate CLK vs. PLL

    Hello friends I need to generate an 1 MHz and 100 KHz clock in ALTERA DE2-115 FPGA board. The clock must be accurate and the rising edge of both must be matched. The board has a 50 MHz clock. I wanna ask you guys, can I use this clock to generate these clocks with a good accuracy? And also I...
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    Finding PHY registers map

    Hello friends, I'm currently working with ALTERA DE2-115 board. I need to know the internal registers of this board's PHY. The PHY is Marvell 88E1111. After searching, I found a product brief. But it hasn't mentioned the map of the registers. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance
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    Xilinx or Altera for ethernet use?

    Hi friends, I wanna use the feature "Ethernet" of processor nios/microblaze. Now I'm confused and I don't know which one to select? Has anyone experienced using ethernet of nios/microblaze ? if yes, please tell me advantages and disadvantages of each one. 1.Available sources (Tutorials) 2.Easy...
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    Saving packets of the network

    Hi friends, Has anyone experienced using winpcap for analyzing packets? If yes,I wanna know how to save packets ,which come from the network. Thanks in advance
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    Difference between socket programming and WonPcap programming

    Difference between socket programming and WinPcap programming Hi friends, I'm currently using WinPcap for sending and capturing packets on lan. Could you please tell me the difference between using WinPcap and socket ? thanks in advance.
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    suggestion for network software

    Hello friends, I'm a newbe in network programming. As I have understood , network softwares are used for adding/striping special information to/from the main data such as source and destination address,service type,etc. Is there anything else that these kinds of softwares do? Also I'm looking...
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    [SOLVED] Media Access control (MAC) and ethernet

    Hi friends, I'm a new beginner in network. I searched and read a lot about media access control , but unfortunately I could not understand the relation between MAC and ethernet . Can anybody explain about it? thanks in advance
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    Network interface card

    Hi friends, I need to design a Network Interface Card (NIC). Please can anybody help me what should I do , what hardware components are needed , or introduce a good website for tutorial? Thanks in advance
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    Designing Data acquisition system

    Hi, I'm currently trying to design a Data acuisition system , which has one analog input and one digital output. I want to send the data to the computer through Ethernet. what components are needed to design this system? thanks in advane.
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    CMOS Inverter Characteristic

    Hi, as you know this is the characteristic of an inverter cmos: I want to know what is effect of increasing the beta (w/L*Cox*u) coefficient of each transistor (PMOS vs. NMOS) on the characteristic. thanks in advance
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    Opamp 741 current feedback

    Hi friends, I wanna know what is the duty of the applied feedback in this part of Opamp 741 . (the current which flows through Q8 , Q9 and base of Q4,Q3 and again) I guess it must be for current accuracy.am I right?

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