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    How do I add capacitors into IE3D?

    Is there a way that I can add capacitors into IE3D (Mgrid) ? I am making a loop antenna and have read that adding a capacitor between the two leads will vary the resonance frequency. Is there a way I can add a capacitor into the geometry file of my antenna for which I can specify the value?
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    Specifying Metallic Parameters in IE3D v.14

    I realize that this topic has been touched upon at least twice already, however I am still confused: https://www.edaboard.com/threads/136292/ https://www.edaboard.com/threads/51562/ I am using MGRID at the moment and I am trying to change the "Metallic Strip Parameters" i.e. the strip...
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    [SOLVED] Dielectric Constant of FR4 at 13.56 mhz

    I am making a pcb antenna which has a resonant frequency at 13.56 mhz and which will be etched onto a FR4 substrate What value for the dielectric constant am I looking for in the substrate at this frequency and why? how can I determine the dielectric constant at a 13.56 mhz given the...
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    Optimal Substrate for Low Frequencies?

    Hello all, I am trying to make a PCB antenna for NFC application @ 13.56 mhz. What would be the best substrate for this application? Is there an online vendor that ships small amounts of such a substrate? I don't need a whole lot. Thanks in advance.

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