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    assembling data into packet

    can some one tell me how is data being packetted in transmission ????? please send some links or files so that i can learn... please please its very urgent........
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    complete software and hardware design of a mobile phone

    we have a project to develop the complete hardware and software of a mobile phone.. can any one tell which kind of a keypad and LCD display can be used...?? using ARM9 or PIC controller to code.... how to access the GSM using AT commands..????
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    pn sequence using lfsr

    while generating pseudo random sequence using linear feedback shift registers, how do we decide on tap bits or selection of points ??? what is the logic behind it..??
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    synthesis of zirconium di oxide by ball milling technique

    please tel the apt ball to powder mass ratio,rpm ,and the number of hours to mill to obtain the zirconium di oxide nano powder. it would be better if someone can tell how much zirconium di oxide powder should be used for 20 balls... please its very urgent....
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    software design for a mobile phone

    can anyone suggest a mobile phone which can be interfaced with ARM9..?? is it possible to design the software for it and implement ? please someone help me with it....
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    cdma transmitter for NoC

    hello everyone......... can some one tell me how to write a vhdl code for cdma transmitter... what exactly should be the components or the architecture for the transmitter....?? please help...its very urgent....
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    portable mini printer

    my friend is doing embedded project on portable mini printer. is it possible to assemble different parts of a printer and code for it using PIC microcontroller..??? can some one give some idea how to go about it.. pls pls.. its very urgent..
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    vhdl implementation of a network arbiter

    hi everyone.... i am doin a project on cdma transceiver of NoC. can some one tel me what exactly should be the functionality of the network arbiter? basically Network Arbiter” takes charge of informing the requested receiver node to prepare the proper spreading code for decoding and sending a...
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    walsh codes in cdma technique

    i read in a paper dat Walsh codes are preferred over other kinds of codes in cdma becoz of its orthogonal property... does it mean dat other codes lik pn sequences, gold seq aren't used in cdma..???
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    what is cross correlation?

    can some one pls tel me what is cross correlation and auto correlation of codes?? why are these two properties so important in cdma of NoC..??
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    cdma transceiver for NoC

    can some one tell me how to generate spreading codes for cdma in NoC
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    temperature control system in an apparatus

    please tell me how pid controller works in temperature control system

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