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    Dual band patch antenna with slot

    Hello all. I have a question. Is there any tutorial on designing dual band rectangular antenna. I am working on dual band antenna, using CST, rectangular patch on FR-4, to resonate at 2.4GHz and 5.2GHz. I have tried inserting slot on my single patch (2.4GHz) but the gain keep reducing (from...
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    [SOLVED] How to get rid of another resonance in 2.4 GHz rectangular patch antenna?

    Hi all, Need your tips n advise on my design. It is a 2.4GHz rectangular patch antenna, inset feed, FR-4 of er=4.3 and loss tangent 0.02. Simulate using CST MWR. It shows double resonant in the S-11 parameter. How does this happen? Is something wrong with my design? Which part of it that gets...
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    How do I obtain the desired resonant frequency of 2.4GHZ microstrip?

    I am working on designing the 2.4GHz rectangular patch antenna. How to get the resonant frequency at 2.4GHz. I've been getting 2.43GHz most of the time with return loss of -42dB. Which parameter do I need to adjust/look into? I've tried adjusting both width and length of the patch but still...

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