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    Problems in thermal co-simulation in CST

    From the file you attached, it is only a circuit model, you'd better simulate in the MWS.
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    Dimensions of a WR-03 waveguide 90-degree band.

    I suggest you can just start with a random value and optimize the HFSS or CST, only two parameters need to be optimized, according to my experience, it can be optimized very fast.
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    Role of Theta and Phi for FSS

    Some of my colleagues had done some designs of FSS in HFSS. I think the Theta and Phi are to define the angle of incidence wave. The response of FSS would be different with different incidence angle.
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    extracted pole filter synthesis tool

    I have just coded a matlab program to generate the coupling matrix based on Amari's paper very recently. The program is not on the current laptop. I will post it next week. Currently, this program can generate the coupling matrix once the pass band and transmission zeros are specified. Based...
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    [SOLVED] simulation with impedance or admittance elements in ADS

    I have solved this problem. use the ABCD matrix representation of the shunt and series element and choose the data item in ADS
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    Any fitting tools for inductor design?

    I think there is a simple relationship between the Pi network and Y-parameter, which can be directly obtained in HFSS. You can export the S- or Y-parameter from HFSS, and make a simple matlab program to do the extraction. I remember R. Levy have written a paper on the extraction of equivalent...
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    Matlab controlling ANSYS Designer

    I haven't used Designer before, But I used to use script to control HFSS. I guess they are similar. So I suggest you can use the script record function to generate the script by Designer itself. Then you can edit this auto-generated script according to your requirements
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    Mician Microwave Wizard

    Re: mician password Hi, I am using uWave Wizard now. I got a big problem, hoping that your experience may give me some helps. I first use its mode-matching solver to design a bandpass filter. It is very fast and the results can be optimized very quickly. But when I double checked the results...
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    Importing 3D object, setting the delta parameter and adding infinite sphere in HFSS12

    HFSS script problem according to my experience, the most efficient way to write the scripts is: you use the record script function first. then edit the recorded script
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    FREE electromagnetic simulators, rather than commercial ones

    It is a good idea to share free simulators. I have some mode-matching code by myself, which can solve rectangular waveguide problem, junctions and cascading. Maybe later I can share it. But now the code is not very user-friendly, so i have to revise the interface first.
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    general checbychev coupling matrix synthesis using matlab

    Re: cameron matlab coupling thanks very much. I am also programming the coupling matrix in Matlab. The code is very similiar to your code, :). The difference is I only consider the N*N matrix ,while your code already consider the N+2 coupling matrix. My problem is: 1, I can obtain a...
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    [SOLVED] simulation with impedance or admittance elements in ADS

    convert admittance to impedance Hi, everyone, I have a question about simulation using impedance or admittance elements in ADS. I have already obtained the admittance matrix, in my case, it is a symmetrical 3*3 matrix, which can be written as [ Y11,Y12,Y13; Y12,Y11,Y13; Y13,Y13,Y33]; then...
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    HFSS - MATLAB - Exporting Matrix Data

    matlab matrix exportieren my opinion the current hfss-api can export the result when the variables are not defined in HFSS. if the variables exist in HFSS, the export script should specify the corresponding variables you want export, just as you did above. another simple solution is to...
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    How to control HFSS v11 from Matlab?

    matlab hfssv11 hi couless thanks for your kindness, but i found that the script.pdf file you uploaded is the same as my own. ansoft didn't update their this file correctly. the outputvariable script has been deprecated as indicated in HFSS, although it still works. i try to implement an API...
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    How to control HFSS v11 from Matlab?

    hfss matlab scripting api i think it is useful to control HFSS, because we can make the simulation as programming. can anyone upload the HFSS11's tutorial file "scripting.pdf".
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    Looking for info about waveguide OMT for ku band

    KU band OMT Azulykit can you give more details? I am also doing the Ku band OMT project, while my focus is the dual band Tx/Rx OMT
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    problems found in HFSS 11

    i use the beta version
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    Time reduction in HFSS simulation by splitting the model

    do you consider the boundary condition at the symmetric plane?
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    problems found in HFSS 11

    hi everyone, I have tried the HFSS11 for a while, there is a problem I met. when I export the Z0 and Gamma as a .M file, there is always a ']' missed. I heard there is a final version of HFSS11, I don't know whether this problem has been solved in this version?
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    Explanation of MOM and FEM (resources provided)

    what is MOM and FEM to lekshmi: "MOM-method of moments FEM-Finite Element method these 2 mtds are used to solve Electromagnetic problems in FDTD method" what do you mean "these 2 mtds are used to solve Electromagnetic problems in FDTD method"? do you mean you combine these two methods into...

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