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    Lower Edge of Operating Band for UWB Antenna

    Hello, I have designed an UWB antenna, I am having a problem wit hthe lower band of the UWB antenna, I could not get the 3.1 GHz, the lowest frequency i got was 3.6 GHz. I need help please. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Kawther
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    Relation Between Fillet and Return Loss and Bandwidth.

    Hello, I have an UWB antenna that is composed of double sided substrate. I noticed that when i round the lower vertices of the upper side (patch) or the upper vertices of the lower side (ground) the matching improves, i reviewed the imaginary and real part of the input impedance and i found...
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    Dielectric permittivity relation to the fringing, radiated power, efficiency.

    Hello, What is the relation between the dielectric permittivity and the fringing on the edges of the patch? does this have any relation to the radiated power, the efficiency and the bandwidth? your help is appreciated. Thank you Kawther
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    Plotting data on matlab.

    Hello All, I need an urgent help in plotting data using matlab. I do not have matlab on my computer, and i cannot plot the data. Please any one can help me? Thank you Kawther
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    Simulated Current Distribution in the HFSS

    Hello, I am follwoing the steps: 1. Select the surface. 2. Write click on it. 3. Select plot fields. 4. Select j --> Mag_Jsurf. I get a colored view of the current density on the antenna. How can i get the current distribution as arrows? Thank you Kawther
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    Frequency Sweep vs. Solution Frequency

    Hello. What is the best option for the solution setup, solution frequency and frequency sweep? Can i have a solution frequency of 7GHz with a frequency sweep that extends from 2 to 20 GHz? Thanks Kawther
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    Displaying Dimensions When Using HFSS

    Thank you Fereshteh. I want to dispaly the dimensions on the antenna for putting the plot in a paper. I use the steps you provided for knowing the dimensions, now i want to add them to the antenna plot.
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    Displaying Dimensions When Using HFSS

    Hello, Who knows how can i display the dimension on a structure when using the HFSS?
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    Two Sweeps for the Same Antenna

    Hello, I created an antenna, i defined a sweep that extended from 2 to 12 GHz, i had a solution frequency of 7 GHz. Later i changed the sweep to be from 2 to 20, i changed the solution frequency to 11.5 GHz. I got very different results in the two cases. Can any one help me why is that...
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    Parasetic Elements Definition in the HFSS

    Hello All, When we defind a parasitic element in the HFSS, do we give it a perfect E boundary? Thank you Kawther
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    Poor Covergence in Computing Port Dispersion

    Hello All, I have a problem when simulating my structure using HFSS. It keeps giving me the warning : poor convergence in computing port despersion. When i do simulations, i do not find major effects to the changes i add to antenna structure. Can this be due to the poor convergence in...
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    Poor Covergence in Computing Port Dispersion

    Thank you Bradthred. Does this affect the result i get, for example, does it affect the S11 result?
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    Reference Connector of a Lumped Port

    Hello All, When we define a lumped port in the driven terminal solution, what should we select for the reference connector, is it the ground or the feed line? thank you Kawther Hamad,
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    S11 Terminal Solution Greater than 0 dB

    Hello All, Sometimes i have the S11 in the driven terminal solution greater than 0dB. I make modification to my antenna and S11 reduces. It becomes -3 or -4 dB. Are the later results correct given that i got a more than 0 dB results one of the times? If i made the hardware and the measurement...
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    Poor Covergence in Computing Port Dispersion

    Hello All, What is the significance of the message Fast sweep setup. proccess hf3d: Poor convergence in computing port dispersion? Thank you Kawther
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    Improving S(1,1) of an UWB Microstrip Patch Antenna

    Hello All, I am having an UWB printed circuit microstrip patch antenna. I am having these results for the real part and imaginary part of input impedance and for the S11. How can i improve the S11 to be greatly lower than -10dB mainly in the band from 7 GHz and above. Any help is...
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    [SOLVED] Efficiency and Efficiency in Percentage

    What can be wrong? I followed the steps for finding the efficiency.
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    [SOLVED] Efficiency and Efficiency in Percentage

    Hello All, I simulated an antenna in a paper by the HFSS. The efficiency i obtained in is the one the first graph, the efficiency of the paper is the one in the second graph. Can i compare these graph together given they are in different scales? Thank you Kawther
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    Antenna Efficiency in HFSS

    Hello All, I want to find the atenna efficiency i go throug these steps: Create Far Field Plot --> Rectangular Plot --> Antenna Parameters --> Radiation Efficiency. I get the results. The y scale is ( 1, 1.005, 1.001, 1.015, ...). I want the result in percentage. Can you help me to get this...

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