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    clock frequency is 50MHz+/-50ppm?

    Friends check this link for PPM to Hz and vice - versa conversion: https://www.jittertime.com/resources/ppmcalc.shtml
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    VCS Tool Prelated query

    VCS Tool related query Hi Friends, I have very silly problem. I am running some testcases in VCS. Some testcases are giving different results in GUI mode and Batch mode. I want to know if such things do happen in VCS or am I doing some mistake. Please help me in this regard...
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    How to connect Verliog testbench toa VHDL RTL.

    Hi Friends, Can anyone help me to understand how to connect Verilog TestBench to a VHDL RTL. It would be great if you can help me with a example. Thanks, - Veeresh
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    what is time scale in veilog, defines and why it is used for

    @ kappajacko : Thanks, too good explanation. :-)

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