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    PSYN-051 when use physical compiler

    site unit edaboard When I use physical complier to read_def, psyn_shell> read_def file.def there is the following issue: Warning: Cannot find site unit in physical library. (PSYN-051) Then when I use the command: psyn_shell-xg-t> check_physical_constraints There is the following error...
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    Invalid host. (-9,333)

    synopsys denied (invalid host (-9,333)) The OS which I used is Linux RHEL v3, When I use Synopsys synthesis 2004.12 tool, there is some errors when run the command 'psyn_gui': DENIED: "PhysOpt-GUI" username@hostname (Invalid host. (-9,333)) Why? How to work out the issue?
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    si command foe cld out netlist from cadence virtuoso tool

    cadence si netlister who know how to use batch command "si" to cdl out netlist from cadence virtuoso editor tool?
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    Help me solve an error when I rlogin try1

    rlogin when I rlogin try1 (try1 is a solaris 8 OS machine), it comes the following erros: whoami: Command not found whoami: Command not found setenv: Too many arguments whoami and setenv are command in my home directory/.cshrc But when I source ~/.cshrc, it has no such errors. And when I...
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    What tool can open .tbl (schemat_51.0_1 & symbol_56.0_1)

    format Who know what tool can open the following format schematic and symbol. TRANS.TBL schemat_51.0_1 symbol_56.0_1 It seems not cadence virtuoso.
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    How about Cadence AMS tools?

    Cadence AMS is spectre+NC sim. Who have used the tools? How about ? How to invoke? Where can I find the demo for the tool? Thanks.
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    linux hostid and lmhostid

    lmhostid linux In linux platform, there is some difference between hostid and lmhostid command. And EDA tools can read hostid number from lmhositd command. How can I change lmhostid to which I want? Thanks very much!

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