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    floting point unit -functions to be supported

    Re: floting point unit u have to decide whether it is Binary FPU or Hexadecimal FPU or Decimal FPU.. u can implement all 3 together also.. key functions are add, subtract, multiply, divide, square root, convert from Float to fixed point and vice versa
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    What will be the future of VLSI Engineers?

    vlsi groups Tata Elxsi has lot of ASIC/FPGA projects going on.. Check Wireless ASIC/FPGA team or DSP asic team.. I do not know which division you belong..
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    Maximum Gate Count of DC?

    What is the maximum Gate Count Synopsys DC can synthesize?
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    Verilog testbench for VHDL RTL

    Can I write Verilog Testbenches to verify VHDL entities... Are there any constraints in doing so?
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    Pipelining Techniques

    pipelining techniques 1. What are the different Processor Pipelining Techniques? 2. What are the constraints to be taken into account while implementing a Pipelined Processor architecture? Thanks in Advance!!
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    Where is the most jobs for VLSI in India?

    JOB MARKET IN INDIA How is ASIC design work in Transwitch

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