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    Questions about vivi, NOR and NAND boot in ARM9

    Can someone give me some concerpt of, vivi, NOR boot, NAND boot, eboot.....
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    Can anyone share the driver of audio for ARM system?

    I am using ARM processor S3C2440 with WM8750L audio codec. Does anyone has experience on this codec??
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    Question about ARM9 system

    My friend told me ARM 9 application software design can be classific into high level and low level. high level is the application software. low level is the Board support package level... I want to know what's the mainly diffierent them?? Which one is more difficult and important??
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    Need help on code debug, many thanks

    Dear Friend, Sorry, is me again. I have writen a 8051 code to access AT24C512 data. BTW, I found my program only can read FFH from the EPROM when I using EMU board, but I already burned a bmp file into the EEPROM. Hence, I think my program have bug. The below is my code. can someone help me...
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    How can we display a BMP file on CSTN LCD by 8051?

    Dear Friends, I am doing a project that using 8051 to driver a CSTN LCD driver. and I need to display a bmp file; the bmp file will be saved on a EEPROM AT24C512. Can anyone tell me how to write such file into EEPROM? I mean the BMP file that can be read by computer is 24bit format. I can't I...
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    Can anyone share I2C bus demo code?

    Can anyone share I2C bus demo code of 8051? Thank you very much!!
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    Does anyone has the demo code on CSTN LCD driver by 8051??

    Dear Friends, I am designing a product that driver a taiwan CSTN LCD driver by 8051. However my program can't work. The attached is my source code My code only content the part of initial and one part to display an single colour on the screen. Does anyone has demo code of the attached LCD...
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    Question about internet radio on embedded system

    Dear Friends, I am doing a embedded system with ARM processor, the product will including the function of "internet radio". The user can listen internet radio though my product. However, there are many format of audio codec, such as: WMA2, WMA9, OGG, AAC, MPGA.... How can I sure my product...

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