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    ADS Agilent Digital Design Circuit

    Greetings, is it possible to use (simulate) digital component like Flip-Flop's etc in ADS agilent?
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    Diode for very high frequencies

    hi All, i'm interesting for diodes that are working at very high frequencies (over 50GHz) any suggestion is welcome.
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    MTEE (Microstrip T-Junction) and ADS

    greetings, is it possible to use linecalc with MTEE (Microstrip T-Junction)? or only with MSUB (Microstrip Substrate)?
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    RMS RF Detector Design

    Hello,i need to design an RMS detector, is there any guide for this? thanks in advance.
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    Error in ADS Agilent project

    Hello, when i try to open an ADS project that until now was working i get an error message saying:"Not a Project Directory" how can i restore the project folder? thanks in advance
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    Simulation Warnings in agilent ads

    Hello everyone, i currently simulate a digital block diagram model in ADS and i get these warnigs: but i don't have any "floating pin" in my circuit. could anyone help me, figure out the simulation problem? thanks in advanced.
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    [SOLVED] Agilent ADS how to bist Imlementation

    greetings to all in my diploma thesis i must implement a BiST technique for a rf transceiver. i search the net,but i didn't find ant relative guide. is there any,to whom I count? thanks in advance. Jim

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