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    Trouble with ELECTRA router

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to PCB design and am getting slayed by the auto-router... not sure if this is an issue with ELECTRA but it seems like pretty reputable software... You can see in the image the bottom row of U11 isn't being routed to the right side of U1 on the first copper layer... any...
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    Suitable Oscillator for Video Application Designs

    Hi All, hopefully this is the proper thread. I'm designing a video upscaler board and am not sure as to how important the ppm for the oscillator needs to be in such an application. Is 100ppm okay? Or would a quality high performance design be a low 3ppm style? Is 100ppm vs 3ppm really going to...
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    Help with enclosure procurement

    Hi All, new to the forum but hope I have my first post in the right area. I need help finding a company that will create a custom enclosure similar to that of a Texas Instruments or HP calculator (i.e. push buttons with a membrane, custom lettering on buttons); preferably able to accept a...

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