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    FPWM of a buck converter

    Guys, If a buck converter is operating at FPWM continuous mode, will it still operate if the load current is low in which it can enter discontinuous mode? Usually we design the inductor needed to be 1/3 of the Iload max in order to have a good trade off between eff and transient response. If i...
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    BST capacitors for tuning tank circuit

    Hi , Is there anyone know where I can buy or look for BST capacitors? Any link? Do they come in discrete packages like normal capacitors(SMD)?
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    Using Varactor in LC tank notch filter

    Hi, I want to use a speciifc notch filter using a tank circuit from input to output(series). If I wanted to tune the tank using varactor, back to back diodes, how can I connect the positive polarity of my supply assuming I connect the neg polarity at the middle on back to back diodes(reverse)...
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    changing inductor current ripple in buck

    dear experts, If i changed the DC load current of the buck converter, will the inductor current ripple change also????thanks
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    effect of ave load/dc load variations in buck converter vs. output ripple

    Dear experts, If changing the DC/ave load current of the buck converter, does it affect output ripple? Why or why not?? I measured and it doesnt affect the output ripple of a buck converter with changing load current(not ripple current)..please give the best explanantion.
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    Best Output ripple measurment for switcher

    hi, which one is preferred method on measuring output ripple fo switchers, output capacitor probed with a 50ohm coaxial terminated at the scope of 50ohm or using with 10:1 oscilloscope probe with 1M input termination(tip and barrel method)? I saw one article that measuring outout ripple should...
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    How to measure accurately the PSRR LDO...not just theory but actual measurements

    is there anyone who have successfully measured AC PSRR of LDO using Hittite LDO microwave? I have a science project and i wish to measure its psrr. Is the input capacitor should be included when measuring PSRR?
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    LC summing or summing amplifier for ldo PSRR

    Which one is most suitable for PSRR measurement for LDO(300mA load) specially mixing modulating ac in dc, a LC summing which can drive current up to 500mA(bias tee) or a summing amplifier? And why?
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    can dc blocker prevent loading in the ckt with 1x coaxial bnc cable in oscilloscope

    I want to measure a certain AC signal riding on a DC in a powered up LDO. Purpose is measuring PSRR. Can an external DC blocker be effective in eliminating loading effect to the ckt since Im only using a BNC coaxial cable(1x) at 50 ohm termination? Will this be the same with the 10x passive...
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    ADC as thevenin circuit

    Hi guys, How can i represent an ADC as a simple load? Can an ADC be converted as an equivalent thevenin circuit? Thanks
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    Buck converter inductor and capacitor design consideration

    Experts, I need the advantage and disadvantage of having a large output capacitor and inductor in a buck converter. What I know is having a large output capacitor decreases output ripple and the having a large inductor decreases inductor current ripple and turns to decrease output ripple as...
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    Resonant Regulators Concepts?? Do anyone know about this concept?:)

    Hello, Do anyone know the concept behind resonant regulators? I think this uses resonant frequency at its operating frequency. Any links or products in the market which uses this concepts? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    how can i apply a DC input in a differential pipeline input ADC

    guys, Is anyone knows how to properly bias a pure DC component in a differential input of an ADC? Is there a need such as floating source volateg condition or common mode reference?
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    modulation of injected ripple in power supply rail of an ADC to the fundamental

    hello guys, have anyone of you encountered or experiment a ripple injected in power supply rail which modulates to the fundamental (analog IN) in the FFT spectrum of an ADC. Sample is 2Mhz injected ripple, fundamental 30M produces 26M, 28M, 32M and 34M lower amplitude spurs in FFT spectrum. it...
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    measuring ripple, is it 1x or 10x probe

    what is more approriate in measuring low level ripple voltage in buck converter?1X or 1X attenuation and why?
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    buck output ripple againts load variations

    Does the output ripple of a a buck converter also depends on variation of load current? Or it only depends on the capacitor value, inductor current ripple, switching frequency and duty.
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    Averaging in an oscilloscope for measuring very low level ripple in a DC/DC converter

    Hi, Just want to confirm if the purpose of averaging in acquisition mode in a oscilloscpe is to average the absolute signal and remove the apparent and random noise. Is it applicable or right to use averaging in an oscilloscope in measuring very low level ripple in a DC/DC converter?
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    LTC1533 low noise output

    Hi Experts, Do anyone have the chance to measure the low noise output of LTC1533 (100uV peak to peak)? I tried measuring the low noise output of this part and it seems I'm getting 5x worse--500uV peak to peak. I appreciate anybody's help. Here's the link I'm pertaining...
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    HP461a amplifier--is it a inverting amplifier??

    Hi guys, Is anyone used hp461a amplifier..it has gain of 20db and 40db..is it an inverting amplifier..I used to amplify an AC ripple of DC converter and it seems it has an inverted signal response.
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    oscilloscope 50 ohm input termination

    Hello, I was thinking to use a 50 ohm input set in scope with a 50ohm BNC coaxial cable in measuring a voltage ripple from an output capacitor of a buck converter. The output voltage is 1.8v with a dummy resistor load of 3.7ohms. The BNC coaxial cable is properly terminated in scope input, will...

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