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    led matrix moving message

    please somebody help me to find the mikroC code or the hex file of this project for IKer its great work and this is the link https://www.edaboard.com/threads/152066/#post651117
  2. K

    unknown circuit for led flasher

    led flasher circuit good morning everybody i found this circuit on board of led flasher and i was trying to know the rference but i can't please can you help me to know it and how it works all regards
  3. K

    power supply 684j/400v

    hello everybody please somebody help me to make 5v power supply without usung transformer because i saw a circuit that using just this compenent(684j/400) and only a bridge diode and i don't know nothing about this component and this is the image
  4. K

    vu meter led bar graph

    good morning sir/madam im looking to creat a led bar graph that can show me when the voltage of the power is high or low i used lm3914 and its working when i was a potentiometer but the problem is when i delete this component it doesnt work correctly bceause in reality the voltage of my circuit...
  5. K

    RTC clock using big seven sevent built with leds

    good morning can anyone please help me to realize the project on the image below i like this project and i like to make my new clock for my new room im beginner but i got a some information about microcontroller and mikroC compiler and electronics and i found some exmple work on isis using...

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