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    True Plug & Play Wireless Adapter

    Hey all, I'm working on a product that currently communicates over a wired Ethernet connection with the host PC. Eventually we want everything to be wireless so we designed in a standard IoT WiFi module but getting the firmware support up and running has turned out to be a much larger task...
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    Voltage reference that can sink upwards of 100mA

    Hey all, I have 7 analog channels each of which is going to be driving a 50mA peak signal through a load. The problem is I was planning on using a single ended supply to avoid an extra dual rail power supply. So the driver is powered by a 5V single supply and will be centered around the...
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    Designing around ADC Noise

    This is a bit of a long question so thanks in advance for any insight! I'm working with an inductive sensor that will under some conditions that I need to measure be giving me as little 200uVpp response. The sensor can operate to upwards of 20MHz so the cutoff frequency for any filters in my...
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    How close can Op Amp operate to open loop gain

    If I needed a to gain up an really small signal, say 100uV peak, up to 1V peak. I'll need a gain of 10,000 to accomplish this. Could I practically push all of this gain onto one stage, using an op-amp like the LTC6406? It has an open loop gain of 90dB and I'm only looking for a gain of 80dB. I...
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    Why would touching a DC/DC converter stabilize it?

    Why would touching a DC/DC converter stabilize it Hey all, I'm seeing a weird phenomena with a DC/DC converter I'm using, specifically a quad TPS65400. It has four buck converters in one package, three of which are operating perfectly on multiple boards, the same three 1.2V 1.8V and 3.3V...
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    Why would dynamic current consumption increase with frequency?

    So I have an analog path of a few stages of op amps. I tested it over a wide range of frequencies (100kHz-20MHz) and got more or less the results I expected in terms of gain, bandwidth, noise, and quiescent current. However I noticed that once I reach 5MHz or so the current from my supplies is...
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    Noise Analysis of differential circuit

    Hey all, I've done noise analysis on several signal paths now both measured with a spectrum analyzer and simulate in LTspice. I either measure or calculate the output noise in the units of nV/sqrt(Hz) and then refer it to the input by backing out the gain of the path. Only issue now is I'm...
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    Should I trust simulated supply current of op amp?

    Hey all, I was just running a quick simulation in LTSpice with a model for an op amp, AD8038, that I was hoping to use. Everything looked good other than the quiescent current draw which was nearly 6 times the maximum listed on the datasheet. If this is a more accurate representation of how...
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    Coil or capacitor noise introduced by Ammeter

    Hi all, Bit of a strange phenomena I'm seeing here. System was behaving properly and everything was nice and quiet until I placed a Fluke Ammeter in series with the battery power and a high pitched whine started coming from the power circuitry. I've heard of this audible noise coming from...
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    Offset Correction for a Fully Differential Signal Chain

    Hey all, So I'm working on a signal chain using two stages of fully differential amplifiers. Essentially the circuit looks like two stages on the picture below one after another. The part I'm using, pretty much the only one I can find with the right characteristics, has a maximum...
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    What type of connector for differential signal

    Hey all, Wasn't sure what category this would fall under but here we go. I'm designing a PCB that will be in two places in my system. I need to bring an LVDS clock signal from one PCB to the other through a 50Ohm cable. Now if I were using LVCMOS or some other type of ground referenced clock...
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    When and how to terminate an input

    Hi all, I'm working on a high speed circuit using the AD8099 Op Amp. I'm looking at the applications diagram and I see some resistors that I just plain don't understand. (See image below) I'm referring to Rs and R1, the explanation given by the datasheet is posted below. I've had problems...
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    How does Attenuation help with noise performance

    I've just read that attenuating a signal can help with noise performance. I understand that reducing signal level would decrease the power of the noise but wouldn't the SNR stay the same? On top of that, in practical application wouldn't you be adding more noise through whatever passive or...
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    Calculating Power Consumption of Analog Path

    Hi all, I'm trying to spec out a power supply for my project and I'm having conceptual trouble trying to estimate the power consumption of my analog electronics. Say I had three Op amps one after another arranged in a non inverting configuration with the final amp driving 1A(rms). So far I...
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    Communicating with Ethernet controller through SPI bus

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out my expected throughput using this fast ethernet controller and having a conceptual problem more than anything else. https://www.mouser.com/ds/2/495/ksz8851snl_ds-242556.pdf So the part claims to be able to support 100Mb/sec communication and I calculated...

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