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    feeding technique in PIFA antenna

    which feeding technique should be with design of PIFA antenna.?
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    Design of L-probe feed in HFSSv11

    How can we design L-probe feeding technique in HFSSv11 .if yes then what will be the solution type to solve it.?
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    hello, i am facing problem with L-probe feed technique. I want to ask how can we design L-probe feed in HFSSv11 and if yes then what will be the solution type should be choose to solve it?
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    Hi, i am the new user for HFSSv11.? Can anybody tell how can we read radiation pattern,smith chart and polar plot in hfss. I mean how can i tell to any one about radiation pattern,smith chart and polar plot through HFSS plots?
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    hello sir, i have designed C-slot planar shape antenna through MS feed line technique (driven model-solution type ) for 2.25 ghz frequency.but i have got wrong radiation pattern for this antenna .so here i am attaching its pdf format and archive .so please tell me what will be the possible...
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    Port refinement ,hf3d error

    hi i am using HFSSv11 simulator to designing micro strip patch antenna and i am using MS FEED LINE TECHNIQUE but when i design this structure in driven modal solution type, after validation check,it gives me wrong result with an an error message as " Port refinement ,hf3d error :Port faces...
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    designing for planar antenna for wimax

    I want to design Planar shape antenna for wimax application (frequency will vary from 3-5 ghz ) and i am using coaxial probe feed technique using hfss simulator.i want give the slots such as upper case letters and i want that each letter must work for one specific frequency.Is it possible to...
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    excitation and boundary codition assignment problem in hfss

    ok i m designing an antenna with MS FEED LNE technique for 3 to 5 ghz application and i want to give it a planer shape (for eg: A ,E,F,U slot) but when i m designing it i am facing given problems and i cant understand how can i solve these problems?: 1) The background does not touch...
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    Error solution in hfss

    CAN ANY ONE TELL ME HOW CAN I SOLVED THESE ERRORS IN HFSS ? 1) The background does not touch the following boundaries "Perf1_INF_GND.This may prouduce an incorrect result 2) Terminals Coax_pin_T1 touch or overlap each other. 3) Port WavePort:The port has no terminals defined on it. 4) Port...
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    to cut slot in a patch in hfss simulator

    i am new user of hfss simulator. can anyone tell that how can i made a slot on a patch through hfssv10 or 11?
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    dsign methdology for planar shaped microstrip patch antenna for wimax

    I am trying to figure out how to design an ECA-Patch antenna for WIMAX part of a FINAL design project in HFSS. I've designed linearly polarized rectangular patches, and circularly polarized square patches and arrays but never any upper case letter shape. What is a good starting place to find...

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