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    Output Delay for Xilinx Spartan 3-E

    spartan 3 output delay Hi, I am gonna do a project wherein i need to delay the output signals by as low as 1ns and max of around 10ns. I will be using this to do a set-up timing test of a different chip. Is there a way to do this using Xilinx's Spartan 3E? Thanks in advance. :D
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    What are the front end and back end designs?

    Hello, Could anyone tell me what are front end and back end designs? And what are their differences. Thank you in advance.
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    How many gates are there in a macro cell of Xilinx CPLD?

    does anybody know how many gates there are in a macro cell of Xilinx CPLD? Is Logic element and Gate the same? thanks in advance for your help.
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    Aardvark I2C Controller

    aardvark i2c :arrow: Does anybody know the Aardvark controller? It is a PC controlled I2C and SPI controller. The one I am using broke down. I am troublehooting the device but I need the schematic to analyze it. :arrow: Can anybody give me a schematic of the Aardvark Device or just refer me...
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    Programming Cypress EZUSBFX2

    ezusbfx2 Hello, Can anybody inform me of a good link or book that I can use to learn how to control the Cypress EZUSBFX2 or any USB microcontroller?:?: I have no idea on how to control this. :cry:I am also TRYING to read the Cypress' "Technical Reference Manual" but I find it difficult...
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    200MHz on Altera's Cyclone

    thanks bpu, I know pipelining, but i don't know how to implement it correctly. Do you know any references I could use to improve my knwoledge in pipelining? I do not know VHDL, but I know VERILOG HDL. I am also used to using Logic Schematic Entry. This will be a big help because we will be...
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    200MHz on Altera's Cyclone

    Hello, Does anybody know how can I increase the maximum frequency input for EP1C3T144-8. This is what I currently have. I need to operate at 200MHz. The datasheet indicated that using a 16-bit counter, the maximum clock can reach more then 200MHz. But I'm afraid the my design will not operate at...
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    Problem with TCP/IP of RabbitCore RCM2200

    Could anybody help me with my problem?
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    Problem with TCP/IP of RabbitCore RCM2200

    I am having trouble with my RabbitCore RCM2200. I am Using Dynamic C 7.20TSE program. I have tried the sample programs, and the ones without the Ether function are OK. The problem is that, I can't set the IP address for the Rabbit. I used the sample programs given by Dynamic C and changed the...
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    Altera USB Blaster Schematic

    usb blaster schematic Does anybody have or know where can I get the schematic for Altera USB Blaster? Thanks. phoenix
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    where to get SPI and I2C controller Cores or Verilog

    get cores Hello, Can anyone tell me where can I get Cores or Verilog Designs for both SPI and I2C controller? thanks in advance ρhoenix
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    Configuration device for SPARTAN II Family

    I am going to use a SPARTAN II device. I have notice only now that the configuration device that i was going to use for the FPGA is an OTP PROM. Is there any EEPROM Configuration device for SPARTA II? Salamat, blue_phoenix
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    The differences between Spartan and Virtex families

    Vitex or Spartan? Hello, I am having difficulty in comparing the differences between Spartan and Virtex Families. Could you please help me with the comparison of the two? Which is better to use? which is more easy to manipulate (concerning the timing)? Tnx in advance. blue phoenix
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    Programming Altera FPGA via USB

    Re: Programming @ltera FPGA via USB Thanks cube007 :D . By the way I use EPC2LC20 configuration device. I am now checking the website you adviced. This may take a while 8O . If anybody else has other sites they could advice to me, please tell me. Thanks again cube007
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    Programming Altera FPGA via USB

    :D Hello, :?: Does anybody know any sites regarding the protocol on Programming CPLD's/FPGA's? (I mean, relating the signals of the *.pof with the signals on the JTAG) :!: I am developing a board now with Altera's EPF10K. This board has a USB interface. And I am thinking that I might change...

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