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  1. akilpatrick

    Ethernet PHY Compatibility - AT91SAM7X

    at91sam7x ethernet I'm working on an application with an Atmel AT91SAM7X doing ethernet. I'm using FreeRTOS on a Make Controller Kit that I got as a demoboard. I'm looking to build a custom board that can run some of the same code. My question is, can any PHY be used to connect to the micro...
  2. akilpatrick

    RF Designers / Enthusiasts in Toronto area?

    Looking to meet some people who know RF in the Toronto area. I'm a full time hardware developer looking to learn about radio, RF, etc. and want to chat with people who can explain some of the concepts to me, or maybe want to work on some hobby projects in some spare time. Even just chatting...
  3. akilpatrick

    FM Demodulator Troubles

    Hi, I'm using a 74HC4046A PLL/VCO to demodulate mono audio from an FM carrier. The carrier comes from a signal on CAT5e twisted-pair cable. (it rides on the common-mode on one pair which carries video on the differential mode) The carrier frequency is about 250kHz and the amplitude seen by the...

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