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  1. sabhp143

    Need help error while trying to estimate power of a circuit-- Unknown cmd rtl2saif

    Hi guys , My name is sandy. I am new to edaboard. As a part of my project i need to synthesize a circuit using synopsys design vision and estimate its power. I found so many tutorials and they all generated .saif files using the cmd rtl2saif . But when i tried to do it it is giving an error...
  2. sabhp143

    Regarding SYNOPSYS Design vision cmd - rtl2saif

    Hi guys, I am new to edaboard. I want to estimate the power consumption of a circuit. I found many tutorials on how to do synthesis and then generate saif file and use them to estimate power. when i tried following the same i am able to synthesize the file but when i type the command rtl2saif...

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