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    Neoway M590 can not register SIM to the network

    Hi have you solved the issue. R u getting vdd across pin 1 and 4 of sim card.
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    Is uc3844 used nowadays

    Is uc3844 used in smps design these days ? If yes why ? There are a lot of switching ICs in the market with inbuilt Mosfets.
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    FPGA Low Pass Filter Design with Spartan 3E Starter KIT

    Check whether the device resources are sufficient.
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    lcd interfacing in spartan 3E using vhdl

    Here is an verilog example. Hope it helps https://kenosys.in/blog/2015/09/25/16x2-lcd-interface-with-fpga/
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    [51] 8051 based PID temeperature controller.

    If we share the full code, then what will you develop.
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    Transformer gap values

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    UC3844 Current sense problem

    if u make com 0 u make non inverting terminal high so at output u get a 1. so when s=1 output qbar is 0 and s=0 output qbar =1 leaving at 50% duty cycle so no pwm ........................
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    UC3844 Current sense problem

    its the inverting terminal of the opamap..... there is no voltage reversal...
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    [MOVED] where can i buy xilinx fpga in bangalore

    Please suggest me any shop to buy fpga chips (xilinx and altera if possible) in bangalore...
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    variable 40v dc current limiter

    a very simple solution to limit direct current is a resistor in series........ R=(v(input)-V(output))/I(output)
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    open loop and closed loop buck converter

    In an open loop design the output is not maintained constant as we dont check on its parameters like output current or voltage ......... but in a closed loop the output can be kept constant by increasing or decreasing the swithching freq. duty cycle. to maintain constant output.........
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    [SOLVED] need to convert asm to hex

    Post your problem clearly Bcoz if u assemble a *.asm file u should get a hex file as output. Check whether you have installed an assembler and linked it to the ide ................. post what msg u get on unsuccessful process
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    Variable Voltage & Current SMPS

    if its for 100watt then 1volt should output a 100amps current and 80v should give 1.25amps by P=V*I so the ouput current must be min 1.25 to max 100amps..... you have to design for transformer for 100W and reduce input current with duty cycle, such that u change the input power. P=1/2*L*I^2*f...
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    uc3844 clock output problem

    I left other pins open
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    uc3844 clock output problem

    hi im using uc3844 i am getting pulse at rtct but not at the output pin ... i dont know why........ i have attached the circuit i have given a power supply of 16volt ...... also i see a 5 volt at reference pin ...i use a ct 1nf and rt 14.2k and get a 110k pulse at rtct pin........
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    planning to start an electronic component store in Tamilnadu india

    hi im planning to start a electronic components store in TN, PLS guide me where i can i buy components in lot at low price in bangalore,.... like semiconductor components,,, audio Ics,, etc.....
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    uc3844 ic in bangalore for purchase

    where can i get uc3844 ic in bangalore
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    led in led tube light

    what is the led used inside an led tube light.. and what the watt........ Pls refer me some led... used in tube light.
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    eagle footprint for ferrite core bobbin

    i have the schematic and i found a ee20 core in the eagle library but i want a 10pin footprint but the ee20 was for 8 pin .......
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    eagle footprint for ferrite core bobbin

    Pls guide me to design footprint for ee1304 vertical 10pin bobbin for my ferrite transformer..... I am new to eagle...........

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