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    The two 7 segment displays using 4094 and arduino

    Two 7 segment display using 4094 and artuino Hi all, I tried to use two display interface with 4094 and arduino, how to send data to 4094, I sent 0-9 and its going for both display so how to send separate data for one display only without changing another display value. bellow I have uploaded...
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    [General] LED Controller using at89c2051 problem

    Hi friends I design simple circuit and programmed and test with Proteus Simulator here it's working properly but I applied programed on IC and test on bread board its not working. here is my circuit which I upload but programmed I will update next time b'coz now I'm at office when I get my...
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    Two Ic interface c51 to c51 programming

    I'm new for micro-controller and I finish only one simple program, now i want to interface c51 to c51, where I want to use switch in one IC and another IC I want to use relay. I know there is two option for interface 1 is parallel and other is serial, but I tried lots of time but not success...
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    8 channel IR remote using PIC

    Dear friend, I found this circuit in net, So i want to replace that IR and I want to connect direct from wire like this., please check attached file also here I upload code also, I tried to check from Proteus its not working so please help me.... thanks in advance
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    Proteus 8 Professional Help

    Hello friends I used Proteus 8 Professional for simulator my project But I didn't get there all devices like a IR, Tsop and in my project I need IR and Tsop so how can I use without this this devices can you help me plz plz .. thanks in Advance :(
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    send data from atmel to HT648

    I'm going to make a 8 data controller using HT648 and HT640 bud before I start I have a little bit doubt, I want to send all data on/off command in same, like a master switch. If I press that switch all data will turn on or not?? other wise can I send on/off data from any Atmel micro-controller...
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    use address in at89c51

    I want to make 8 channel remote transmitter and receiver 2 set but want to operate receiver one from transmitter one and receiver two operate from transmitter two. is this possible, please help,
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    Confused in in HT640/HT648

    I didn't try still but I want to 32 output but I found HT640/HT648 encoder n decoder but it have only 8 output, but there is name for 10 address/8 address data, address data means output but what is the meaning for 10 address, can i use this for different address, if can i transmit four...
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    timer circuit for daily application

    Hello friend please help me, I want to one timer circuit, from that circuit I want to always operate device in same time like today 12:00-16:00 tomorrow also 12:00-16:00 and also same for next day, so can you help me for this circuit,
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    Computer control unit

    Hello friend I'm going to post block diagram, for one my dream, can help me to find out matching circuit and software for it. Thanks
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    [SOLVED] 8051 AVR programmer problem

    hello frns I have a problem in my programmer, i have this programmer https://www.onlinetps.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=74_126&products_id=1050 when i connect my devices it showing online but i cant read, write, erase, or anything, when i press this bottom it will show...
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    Home application controller through PC

    I want to make one home application control device but i don't have any idea abt it so can you give me idea..
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    please help me in this circuits.

    dear frns, im trying to make this ckt for USB programmer but i hav a some confusion, im posting the link in here im confused where used 1 2 3 4 5 6 number why they used?
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    what is the operating voltage of MS

    Hello friends please help me, i want to details about physiotherapy units MS. so please try to share the operating voltage and working principle about MS. and if suitable please share block diagram and circuit diagram also.
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    Please help me in this USB programmer circuit

    I found this circuit https://www.8051projects.info/content/8051-tools/14-usb-8051-avr-programmer.html and if i made this circuit can i copy the ic from another locked ic?
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    lie detector by using microcontroller

    dear friends can you help me to make a lie detector by using micro-controller?
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    Load controller by using microcontroller

    hello friends please help me to design the GSM load control. I saw a dream which control the house load like a light, TV, AC etc by using GSM Sim and microcontroller. and for turn on/off we can use code. so please help me to complete my dream..
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    I want to control my house light from my laptop through the IP

    I want to control my house light from my laptop through the IP, if you have a correct circuit diagram please help otherwise please suggest me what can i do..?
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    physio therapy 4 channel TENS

    HI friends i just complete my diploma in electronics.. and my mom is physio therapist so i want to gift her a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) but i dont have a any idea about tens. so please help me in this condition...
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    Micro-Controller AT89 series copier

    I have a one electronics ckt which have a one micro-controller At89C2051 but i got that IC damages so i want to replace it but i don't have that ic but i have similar devices so i want to copy the ic... so have you any idea about the copy the ic any circuit? please help me..

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