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  1. gafsos

    STM32 USB Joystick mouse: USB_Istr(); doesn't run: enumeration failed

    Hello; I'm working on USB Joystick demo. It cant' run to this USB interruption, I mean when I set a breakpoint it does not work. void USB_LP_IRQHandler(void) { USB_Istr(); } I have some questions, I'm new be in USB, and I need your help 1/ Which Step to follow when Enumerations fails, I...
  2. gafsos

    USB library Validation and Test

    Hello, I'm Starting new Project, I have to validate a USB library for STM32. Do you have a idea how to proceed ? Have you please a TestPlan example to follow ? How to "Stress" a library ? I need A Help Big Thanks
  3. gafsos

    Writing/Reading SD card Through USB On STM32

    Hello, I'm Working on STM32F1, I'm looking For examples C programme Showing How read/Write data from SD card through USB I need Your Help Please gafsos
  4. gafsos

    Prefetch buffer and Latency means

    Any Answer ??? Thanks
  5. gafsos

    Prefetch buffer and Latency means

    Hello, I'm working on STM32, I have some question on flash operation. What does : Prefetch buffer and Latency means ?? Thank You
  6. gafsos

    bootloader in STM32L152 EEPROM/ROM and Flash

    Big Thanks !!
  7. gafsos

    STM32L152 Bit Banding

    Big Thanks
  8. gafsos

    STM32L152 Bit Banding

    Also, is there an advantage to using the bit band region to access peripheral registers over some sort of direct access?
  9. gafsos

    STM32L152 Bit Banding

    Hello I'm working on STM32 example that shows how to use CortexM3 Bit-Band access, This is a part of the code, But it is not understandable, can you please help me it is very urgent, thank you #define RAM_BASE 0x20000000 #define RAM_BB_BASE 0x22000000 /* Private macro...
  10. gafsos

    bootloader in STM32L152 EEPROM/ROM and Flash

    Hello, I'm Working in STM32L152 Eval Board, I'm new be, i have some questions I need your Help, 1/ What is a between system memory and Flash ? 2/ Where code (main.c) is stocked ? 3/ Where these codes are stocked: 1 494 bytes of readonly code memory 46 bytes of readonly data memory...
  11. gafsos

    STM32: EXTI Lines configuration

    Hello, Can You please Help Me to understand tghe aim of EXTI (external interrupt) in the STM32 microcontroller, and what is the relation with NVIC ?? Thanks
  12. gafsos

    STM32 GPIO configuration

    Hello, I'm new in working with STM32, I"m running some example, I need a Help to understand some C code. GPIOD->BSRRL = 0x00000005; What does this line mean ? Thanks

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