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    4x4 and 3x3 keypad interfacing with ATmega128 problem?

    Hi friends...I am just trying to connect key pad. There are two keypads connected to controller one is on PORTD which is 4x4 and other on PORTC 3x3, in following code just trying to get key number and display using LED's on PORTA. FCPU is 12MHz and Controller is ATmega128. i am using Code-vision...
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    4x4 matrix keypad ,LCD & Atmega128 interfacing problem?

    Hi friends, I am trying to interface a keyboard and LCD with ATmega128. I have manage to get lcd going but keyboard seems to be creating some problem…..it is not printing 1,5,9,13 which are on first row and first column. Please try to find this strange behavior code and ckt is attached with...
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    Using GLCD driving a menu with AVR controller?

    Hi guys looking for a menu driven application using GLCD with AVR……please refer me some tutorial…..or source code if possible……thanks a lot!
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    Hi i wana creat a up down scroll menu using AVR with GLCD?

    Hi, I wana creat a up down scroll menu using ATmega 128 on a Graphic LCD. Can some body help me and guide to some code or tutorial for it. Thanks to all!
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    STK600 unable to connect to pc as it is asking for driver..?

    Hi, I have bought STK600; I am finding it difficult to connect it to computer. The moment I connect I get a message to update a driver for it. As per my knowledge there is no driver provided with kit. I have downloaded AVR Studio 4.17 (build 666) as kit DVD contains Studio 4.13 service pack, it...
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    Please help me to interface Graphic LCD with ATmega128?

    Hi Guy's I am new to AVR, I wanted to interface graphic lcd (T6963C cotroller) with ATmega128. Please guide me to some good tutorial. I am using AVR studio with STK600 development board. Please guide me.........some tutorial, sample code, article with basics will do...
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    Is it possible to use Coldvision AVR C source in AVR studio?

    Hi guy's I wanted to some project. I found similar project code in Codevision AVR C. I am using AVR studio, can I use the same c program in AVR studio without any change. Code includes C source fiel, PRJ file and .hex file. Program is written in C, I think it can be used with some...
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    Please help me to choose AVR development board?

    how to choose avr I am looking for buying some good AVR development board...Please do me a favor could you please check following links and suggest me which would be better to go https://www.circuit-ed.com/BigAVR-64100-Pin-AVR-Development-Board-P128C4.aspx...
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    what is the difference between c and embedded c?

    difference between c and embedded c what is the difference between c and embedded c? Please somebody explain it, I am average in C wanted to use to program an AVR....but little bit doubt about embedded C....please explain me Thank you!
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    help me for AVR training?

    Hi, I am looking for some training in micro controllers; I would like to know few things as follows: 1. Without any previous knowledge in controllers (I did used 8085 in my college), can i directly jump for AVR training? As I know C? 2. If I got trained in AVR32 will it be possible me to...
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    Friends hlep me to choose the right Microcontroller?

    how to choose the right microcontroller Sorry guy’s may be these are silly question, but as I am trying to design a graphic calculator…I got to know this before I choose one micro controller. 1. Can AVR’s programmed same way as 8051? 2. I am trying for a graphic calculator for algebra...
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    Is it possible to display images with 8051controller on LCD?

    display images on an lcd with a microcontroller Hi friends i am working as web developer in some company. I have a little knowledge about C. Planing to make a calculator with LCD(128x64)....is it possible to display images on LCD using 8051 micro controller...say as tangle or circle etc. Please...

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