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  1. gafsos

    Antenna diode available for Digital circuit????

    Hi, Yes I work in STMICROELECTRONICS, Grenoble (France) center, and u ??
  2. gafsos

    Antenna diode available for Digital circuit????

    yes u stil do it, because u have to clean ur design, when u check DRC antenna (run calibrerun-gui) . u should add those diodes to protect , because in each design inputs must be protcted this is allows us to protect gate of MOS, when start BE (metal), u should find place for ur diodes. hope...
  3. gafsos

    Antenna diode available for Digital circuit????

    sundy, i'm gafsos, I'm also engneer IC specially of analog Layout (design ANTIFUSE macrocell), i can confirm that antenna diod check is also done for Digital design let me know about ur work and experience:) gafsos
  4. gafsos

    0.13 um technology: 5 layers with the same resistivity?

    Re: 0.13 um tech Hi all I work with 0.13um tech and I can confirm to you that in this tech, there is 6 layer metal Level. I still ready to answer for particular questions gafsos
  5. gafsos

    What are the biggest design challenges when we move from 130 to 90 and 65?

    Re: from 130nm to 65nm hi, if u decrease a mos length u increase a leakage. so from 130nm to 65 nm . some considreation must be in account. thx
  6. gafsos

    How can I design a shifter with multivoltage?

    Re: multivoltage domain IC technology is continuing to scale according to Moore’s Law, with the overall chip circuit requirements driving the MOSFET device and process integration requirements and optimal choices. In the 2001 ITRS the driver for the high performance logic is maximizing MOSFET...
  7. gafsos

    standby leackage power reduction using Dual vth

    One way of decreasing the leakage current is increasing the threshold voltages of transistors. There are several ways to do this, but in all of them some process technology modification is necessary. However, this may not be always possible. Another approach is to use high-threshold voltage...

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