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    Surge rating at elevated temprature

    Hi i have very basic/fundamental question ! We design product for CE certification . That includes surge requierment (IEC 61000-4-5). If we look at the standard it safecify pulse voltage , source resistor , timing at 25degC . The satndard also talks of some variation , too. It's easy to...
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    Turn on current requierment of IGBT /Mosfet

    Hi, all, i have doubt which i didn't had earlier :) . Any way for one of my application i need to design gate driver of IGBT IKW60N60H3 (data sheet attached) . Drain current is 30A, drain voltage is 400VAC. now we have requirement of turning on the IGBT in 50ns ..yes that fast. Now if i go by...
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    ADC bit calculation method

    Hi i have very basic question t put forward , Let say u want to measure a battery voltage which is 2.5 V with 1% error . The minimum voltage that battery can go is 0.1V. Now one way of calculating the no of bit required is 2.5/0.1 that is dynamic range is 25 . So, my ADC is bit requirement...
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    Safety issue in battery circuit and use of oscilloscope

    Hi , I have a little doubt , I want to test my circuit which is powered with 12V, 200Ah battery(VRLA) and check the outputs on oscilloscope. While testing can I connect battery -ve to the oscilloscope ground? Is there any safety risk, as oscilloscope internally connected to safety earth(PE)...
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    Automated LCD, how to test and confirm all segments glow

    Hello all, i m not sure if it's the right forum . n way we have practical problem with the LCD testing. We have a segmented LCD of size 65mm x 60mm size with 288 segments (number and different symbols). Now after mounting on the card , how to test and confirm all the segments are glowing ...
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    UC3844 based design - help needed

    UC3844 based design Our Input specification of flyback smps is 60VAC to 300VAC and output is 5V at 200mA. Now to startup the UC3844B, bias current require is 0.5mA, so the startup resistor will be 100K. But at maximum input voltage that’s 300VAC (424VDC) , power dissipated will be 1.5W ...
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    Power supply --cheapest way

    Input specification : 60VAC to 300VAC ,45Hz to 65Hz Output specification: 3.3V@0.3A, 5V@0.1A Standard : Safety and CISPER 22 Wt do u think is the best and cheapest way to acheive it. One option i thought was transformer less capacitor based design , but current seems to high. Other is flyback...
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    slow rising ramp integrator opampp based

    Please look at the circuit attached . I am feeding sq. wave to the opamp and expecting a triangular ramp signal at the output. I am getting it for sure , but i am also getting the ripple of ~70mV at the square wave change over. Please help me to remove the ripple.I am probing at the "Out"...
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    Band - gap reference for ADC

    Band-gap ref for ADC I have a micro which has band-gap reference of 1.2V . I am powering up the ADC with 3.3V and i want to give reference to my ADC around 3.3V. Do you think i can use band-gap ref. and use a voltyage follower to make it ~3.3V . Or u may suggest me some other technique ...
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    16bit ADC micro needed

    16 bit adc Dear all, Have u come across any micro-controller with memory of 256KB (Flash) and 16bit ADC(SAR,8 channel at least) with more than 250 segment LCD driver. I may compromise on LCD but not on ADC. My requierment is to have that micro in less than 2USD per 10K /annum. Please let me...
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    MIPS and memory requierment

    memory mips Is any body may list down MIPS and memory requierment for the following protocol to implement, 1> MODBUS on RS485 2>MBUS 3>DLMS 4>MODBUS on TCP/IP considering i have a controller which has MAC/PHY 5>Profibus DP
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    Looking for the newest version of EN 50065-1

    Dear all, I have 2001 copy of EN 50065-1, but i heard there is amedment after this . does any body share some info on it or have the copy of it . Please share it .
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    Need M-BUS transceiver IC for cable media

    mbus transceiver hello all Please help me to find out a M-BUS transceiver IC for cable media . I know few in RF . Thanks
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    swedish sphygmomanometer design - need starting metrials

    swedish sphygmomanometer Hello , may any body help me to starting metrials for the design of electronic sphygmomanometer or Blood pressure measuring instrument .
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    4-20mA ..which one is best

    hello friends , I am little confused, i want to design isolated 4-20mA transmitter . Please tell me as i am new to it , what will be voltage source to ckt , will it come from the receiver or my card has to generate all the voltages. Also, i seen couple of circuit in which improved howland is...
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    Dithering - need information and explanation of its use

    Dithering I heard that there is technique called Dithering by which we can add noise to the signal and can increase the resoloution of ADC. Please help me in this to understand more , please post some paer in this regard
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    Need ieee paper - Study on noise reduction effect using ...

    Need ieee paper Study on noise reduction effect using the decoupling capacitor with resistor on power distribution line Hakoda, T.; Sakusabe, T.; Takahashi, T.; Schibuya, N. Electromagnetic Compatibility and 19th International Zurich Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 2008. APEMC 2008...
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    Power factor correction ---power save ??

    what is a power factor corrector powersaver hello , here i am little confused . These days lotz of ads in television of a pluggable instrument that saves power up to 30% in domestic environment . I think this nothing but the PF (power factor) corrector , does in domestic environment which...
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    EN60950-1 definations

    en60950 Hello i am new to this safety standard. please explain me what to do you mean by "single fault condition" , Also what is functional insulation. And how do you explains TNV (what is the full form )
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    Doubt on ETSI EN300 328

    en300328 dear friends, I need some help to understand the EN300 328 which states , 2400 -2483.5 MHz Min 15 hop Channel 100 mW EIRP if FHSS or 2400 -2483.5 MHz. PSD 10 mW in 1 MHz BW EIRP if DSSS can anybody explain this if considering i have 2dBi antenna , hom much conducting power i can...

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