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    LAP and MAP Supported Bluetooth Module

    Hi all, I am going to use Bluetooth MAP and LAP profile in my application. Can i know Bluetooth module that supports those profiles? Thanks in advance.... Arul
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    Sample source code for card emulation in ST21NFCA

    Hi, I am going to develop software for card emulation mode in PN512. Can anyone provide sample source code for reference. I found that ST21NFCA provides solution to card emulation mode. But the firmware is not available. Thanks to all..............
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    PN512 card emulation mode

    Hi all, I am going to implement card emulation mode using PN512. NXP documents and source code (BFL )are not sufficient to implement this functionality. Can anyone provide documents and source code. Thanks
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    USB Mass storage device on on chip flash memory (STM32F103)

    Hi....... I am implementing USB mass storage implementation on STM32. I have used on chip flash memory as mass storage. when i plug the device..it is detected by PC(windows)... but is not formatted...i have only 256KB flash memory..which file system to be used for this small volume....
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    Atzb-24-a2 programming

    I am new to the ATZB-24-A2...zigbit module....i want to know the programming of the module....how to program.....what is the IDE?.....is there any software codes examples available...kindly reply to me..... Thanks........
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    Whether.... Keil ULINK2 and HJTAG is used for AVR(ATZB-24-A2) programming!!!!!!

    I am going to use ATZB-24-A2 for my project.I want to know the programmer and IDE for this chip......anyone can help me....I have ULINK2 and HJTAG...can i use above for programming the chip......pls give suggestion for me.... Thanks.....
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    Problem in lcd panel driving voltage

    Hi, I am working on VL-FS-COG-BCD-12864-XX LCD module. i made communication between LCD and AT91SAM7SE512. As per the specification of the Module,require 24v to drive the display panel. I have tried with 2.2uf and 4.7uf as decoupling capacitor.but i can get driving voltage upto 17v.sometimes it...
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    LCD with spi interface

    hi, i need more details about COG-BCD12864,now i have data sheet,but it does not have much details.anyone can help me.

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