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    how to extract facial points

    hi my topic is biometric face recognition using surf approach.. but problem is that how to extract facial points?? anyone have an an idea about this problem please help me...
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    face recognition system using surf

    hi my project topic is face recognition system using surf... plz give me algo. and matlab code for related this topic...
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    matlab code for euclidean distance...

    my topic is fingerprint recognition by using euclidean distance...but stuck a poblem that how to calculate the euclidean distance in two fingerprint image using in matlab.so plz help me if anyone have an idea about this topic.
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    unify termination and bifurcation in fingerprint image

    hii. please help me to fond that how to find unify termination and bifurcation in fingerprint image using matlab... if anyone have an idea so please help me...
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    how to find orientation field of fingerprint??

    hi, I am doing my research work on fingerprint matching.This is the Matlab code for the Orientation Estimation; imwrite(img,'image.bmp','bmp');%img is the squelittized Image. image=imread('image.bmp'); [w,h] = size(image); direct = zeros(w,h); W = 16; sum_value = 1; bg_certainty = 0...
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    [SOLVED] gabor filtering, remove false minutiae

    hiiii.....my topic is fingerprint recognition.... and my problem is that how to remove false minutiae in fingerprint... if anyone have some idea about this topic so plz help me and give me code using in matlab....
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    fingerprint minutiae matching

    hiii... my project is fingerprint minutiae matching..how to extract,calculate minutiae points in fingerprint image???how to compare between two fingerprints??
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    fingerprint minutiae matching

    hiii... my project is fingerprint minutiae matching..but problem is that how to remove false minutiae from fingerprint....plz help me..... and send me link related this topic on myu email address- poojadixit565@gmail.com
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    how to normalize a fingerprint

    plz give a matlab code for normalize fingerprint....
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    how to normalize an image using matlab???

    hiiiii....plz give steps for normalizing an image using in matlab????
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    Deformable model for fingerprint matching...

    hi.....I need some help on fingerprint matching that im working on . I've read through many papers / books and theses... now what to do??how to implements in matlab??? plz give some steps which are help for me....
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    deformable model for fingerprint matching

    hiii.. my project is deformable model for fingerprint matching....plz help me how to start my prject... - - - Updated - - - how to implement this in matlab???plz help me..

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