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  1. rainman.cn

    help for sigma-delta conversion on DC input!

    Assume ideal sigma-delta ADC(1st ,or 2nd order), input dc level 'x', and get output from sigma-delta adc by y=(x1+...xn)/n x1,...xn are the quantizer output, 'n' is sampling times. then define the error: |y-x|=err I get the similar results when the sigma-delta adc is 1st order or 2nd order...
  2. rainman.cn

    skill help ---*Error* dbMoveFig: argument #1

    dbmovefig procedure( changeVia() temp_diva=dbOpenCellView("mylib" "temp_diva" "layout" "" "a") srcFig = dbGetOverlaps(temp_diva temp_diva->bBox "W1") dbMoveFig(srcFig, nil, list(0:0.025 "R180")) ) when I exec this, produce a error, as follows: *Error* dbMoveFig: argument #1 should be a...
  3. rainman.cn

    Iout, Iin's relationship of wilson current

    hi, the wilson current mirror is shown in the attachement, how to calculate the relationship of Iout and Iin? let's ignore the body effect. Only consider the channel-length modulation. thanks,
  4. rainman.cn

    how to low the noise of amp

    hi, everyone, I use the circuit as shown in the pic. when i increase the Cfb, the noise cannot decrease as predicted, because the output stage dominate the noise performance when Cfb is large. how can i solve this problem, my amp is simple two stage amp with first stage fold-cascade and second...
  5. rainman.cn

    Problem with wrong Vout in a SC circuit

    sc circuit hi, all as you can see from the pic. first, i reset the amp, after a while i add vin=5v, I think i can get Vout=1v at time 't', but its not true(its about 2.2v) can anyone tell me why, (Cfb=2C1) thx very much!
  6. rainman.cn

    background simulation in spectre

    how to do background simulation in spectre? some time i need do long time simulation, background process may save my pc resources... thx very much
  7. rainman.cn

    help for switched-capacitor circuits

    hello, Fig.1 is the switched capacitor circuit and fig.2 is the clock signal. the paper say that the error term induced by the finite opamp gain is proportionsl toA(-2), we call this gain-enhanced or gain-squaring, can anyone tell me how to find the transfer funnction, thanks very much...
  8. rainman.cn

    Resistor matching technique in CMOS process

    In cmos process, we have several types res, N+, P+, poly1, M1, M2, and so on, but which type match better, regards, rainman
  9. rainman.cn

    Why the offset of the buffer can be divided by the gain of input amp in this PIC?

    I read the paper which say the following pic, the offset of the buffer can be divided by the gain of input amp, I dont understand , can anyone show me why?
  10. rainman.cn

    LVS error - DBM: Cannot create signal text dbm

    when i do lvs, it always has the following error: */N* AT STAGE: 51 ******************************************************************************* */N* LVSCHM (REV. 4.9.12-2004 / LINUX /GENDATE: 29-NOV/2004 ) *** ( Copyright 1995, Cadence ) *** */N*...
  11. rainman.cn

    help for pipeline adc problem

    can anyone show me something about digital correction in pipeline adc or give me a intuitional unstanding about that ? its really puzzle me. thx,
  12. rainman.cn

    two amp ,which is bettter?

    the following is two different amp, both of them have wide input range(both of them should be cascode connected, but i make it simple ), which is better? need ur advice, thx. Added after 1 minutes: this the figure.
  13. rainman.cn

    open loop system analysis

    open loop system how can we analysis the open-loop system(eg.:comparator)? thx,

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