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    voice recognition system for cars

    hello there i am designing a module for car security system. basically few selected people voices will be pre recorded in a system where the individuals will say e.g ENGINE START and the module compare their voice with the pre recorded voice. If their voice is same as that of already saved. The...
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    optical fibre transciever is giving problem

    we had made some connectivity of two switches (fastiron 446x) with optical fibre. the fibre was working smooth but then came a problem, one of the switch optical transceiver couldn't be able to receive the data. its transmission is good as i consulted with some network engineer. i want to know...
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    What is impulse response?

    what is impulse response impulse response is usually used in filter and for convolution but i always find it difficult to explain my self what is this and how does it help. my question what is practical meaning of impulse response, either it an equation or characteristic of a system in...
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    Question: optical fiber

    doc fiber hi everyone, actually i dealing with a cofusion. i went for an interview and the interviewer asked a question about optical fiber types. He asked me to differentatite between DOCK and SOCK fiber if me smelling are not wrong. i tried to find my self but it was no use so i asking u...
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    Help me design a mm-sized antenna using HFSS

    can anyone help me to design mm size antenna, for 60 ghz frequency, using hfss, one of the research paper is attached for ready reference.
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    patch antenna for 54-66ghz using hfss

    hi to all : has any one ever built/desined or make a patch or any other antenna for 54-66 ghz using hfss, please post it or mail it to me on amirs4@excite.com
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    Dipole or patch antenna for 60 ghz

    hi all here: i have checked hfss based antenna desing for the centre frequency of 60 ghz, but with lower gain? is it nice to use dipole for such frquency, than to use other like patch etc? in addition to it, how can we change the dimension of the patch antenna given in HFSS tutorial .
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    antenna using frq>50 ghz

    hi all here: has any one designed an antenna for more than 50 ghz using hfss? can we use dipole for this frquency? if no then which one is better choice.
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    Why we do not consider loop antenna phased array?

    the phased array normaly studied at B.Sc level only takes dipole antenna consideration and most of the books also consider the dipole antenna array for phased array but a question normally raises that why we not consider loop antenna phased array.
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    Need some corrections about using loop antenna for phased array

    i m now a day working on the loop antenna array and what come to my mind after all these research is that loop antenna cant be use for phased array this is because at high frequency the 1 lambda wavelength loop is already a phased element that has either phase shift in current or amplitude of...
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    phased array of antennas

    i came to know that phased array of loop and folded dipole antenna is not possible even the yagi antenna case also i want to know either it is true or its a joke
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    How to de-noise an image using ICA?

    how to de noise the image using ica plz gave ur suggestions and opinion and have any idea on matlab code
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    What are digital delay chips and how can I used them for phase generator?

    what is Digital delay chips and how can i used it for phase generator any suggestions
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    What is a digital delay chip and what can I use it for?

    i want to know about digital delay chip any idea what its used for???
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    How to phase shift the frequency to 90 degree at 418 Mhz?

    at 418mhz if some one want to phase shift the freq to 90 degree what shall be the best solution.
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    How to phase shift the frequency to 90 degree at 418 Mhz?

    please have ur views on this The phase generator circuit is designed to phase shift a radio frequency (RF) carrier at 418 MHz by 90o. The circuit will be implemented with a LC-network that is composed of an inductor connected in series with a capacitor. The circuit thus produces two RF...
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    Problem with phase generator in smart antenna project

    i am final year student and i have a project on smart antenna(adaptive phased array),i using frequency of 418MHz, the antenna is two dipoles of spacing of 3/8. now the problem i am facing is in phase generator, i want to gave a phase shift of 90 degree, all i know is i have to use LC oscillator...
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    LC oscillator for phase shifter circuit

    phase shifter circuit i came to know that lc oscillator can be used to gave phase shifter, let suppose i am designing a phase shifter and i am working on 418MHz and i want to gave a phase shift of 90 degree then how can LC oscillator can be used as a phase generator
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    near field and far field

    every one from field of electromagnetics knows that their exist to FIELDS near field... and 2 far field but when comes to our result we always consider far field and pattern is always used why why not near field I CAME TO KNOW THAT NEAR FIELD IS SOME WHAT COMPLEX i mean to say that it...
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    spacing or seperation on HFSS

    i need to know what shall be the best possible solution to have array spacing of 3/8lambda between 2 elements of ADAPTIVE PHASED ARRAY dipole antenna either NO ARRAY/REGULAR ARRAY/CUSTOM ARRAY when comes to no array then what shall be its alternatives.

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