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    getting more output current if i connected one channel at a time in RDR-291 Led driv

    I have attached the file of RDR-291 150 Watt LED driver by Power Integration i have made a board and tested it for 2 times i got to know some points. Now i am giving here to get clarify my doubts. 1. When i connected a LED load ( 30V forward voltage ) to one channel with 2nd channel got opened...
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    how to get wide range of input AC voltage operating range of a SMPS

    Hi, i am Murali Krishna new to Real time work i am trying to develop a 150W LED driver, I have a reference design for "Power Integrations " i.e RDR 291. its operating input voltage is (184-275)v AC but i want to make it (90-265)V AC, so can anyone suggest me what hardware changes makes me...

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