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    DC/DC application design

    Hi hi, If I use the DC/DC output of a buck converter to supply to the input of another DC/DC buck converter, will this affect the performance of the 2nd DC/DC converter output? Thanks.
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    Inductor on Buck DC/DC converter

    Hihi, Are there any difference in using chip inductors and power coil inductors on Buck DC/DC converter? Thanks.
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    What is the difference between SPICE and Pspice simulation?

    What is the difference between SPICE and Pspice simulation? Or are they similar? Thanks. :D
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    Efficiency of DC/DC Converter

    How is the power efficiency of a DC/DC converter (step-down or step-up) determined? Is it Efficiency= (Vout × Iout) ÷ (Vin × Iin) ??
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    PCB Antenna Simulation

    pcb antenna simulation Hi hi, I would like to design and simulate a printed/PCB antenna for 2.4GHz application to find out its performance. I am thinking of using either IE3D or HFSS. Which one would give a more accurate simulation results closer to the actual? Thanks. :D
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    Guidelines for designing PIFA antenna

    Is there any guidelines/techniques/method for designing PIFA antenna? How does the dimension/shape relates to the resonant frequency and bandwidth?? Thanks.
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    RF Choke for DC biasing

    For DC biasing for power amplifiers or diode switches, Inductors are often used as RF choke. How do we decide the value of inductor to use for the RF choke?
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    Planar Metal Antenna design

    Hi all, Is there any design guidelines for planar metal antenna?? Thanks.
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    Sensitivity of RF Receiver

    Hi all, How can we determine the sensitivity of a RF receiver? Thanks.
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    Looking for textbook about audio circuit design

    Hi everyone, Are there any good textbooks/references on audio circuit designs? Thanks.
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    Can a small piece of metal sheet by used as an antenna?

    Hi hi, Can a small piece of metal sheet by used as an antenna?? Thanks.
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    Placement of antenna on circuit

    Hi, Does placement of antennas near other circuit components like inductors and crystal oscillators have an effect on the radiation efficiency and other performances of the antenna? Thanks. ckJJ
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    How to decide the required length based on operating freq. ?

    wire antenna design Hi hi, For wire antennas, how do we decide on the length required based on the wavelength of the operating frequency? ckJJ
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    FR4 as PCB substrate for circuits at above 1 GHz

    Hi, Is FR4 a good choice of PCB substrate for circuits that operates at above 1 GHz? Thanks.
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    How to find out the operating frequency of a Co-axial cable

    how to find operating frequency Hi hi, There are many specifications and types of co-axial cables available. Is there a way to find out the operating frequency for co-axial cables? Thanks ckJJ
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    Spectrum Analyzer Measurement

    Hi hi, When we observe a signal on the spectrum analyzer, we are able to observe and read the peak power of the signal. As most spectrum analyzers have attenuation, do we have take into account the attenuation when we read the peak value of the power. Thanks. ckJJ
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    IE3D for Antenna simulation

    Hi hi, I have used IE3D for microstrip filter design before. For antenna design and EM simulation, can I use IE3D also? Thanks.
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    Impedance of a RF output/input pin of a chipset

    Hi, Is it possible to measure/test the impedance of an RF output/input pin of a chipset which has RF functions? Thanks. ckJJ
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    Purpose of Balun in RF circuit

    www.ycars.org/efra/module%20c/antmatch.htm Hi, What is the purpose or use of balun in RF circuits? Thanks. Chun Kit
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    Use of Air Bridges at microstrip discontinuities

    What is the use of air bridges across microstrip line discontinuities? ------------------------- form-data; name="poll_length"

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