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    Looking for Atmel AT76c510 datasheet

    I'd like to reprogram a wifi AP that uses this SOC. Does anybody has AT76c510 data-sheet? MM
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    Very low power magnetic sensor

    Hi, I'm looking for a magnetic field sensor (on-off) with very low power comsumption. The Hall sensors I've seen use some current to bias the device and so are not suitable. The low power hall devices switch internally this current, so suffer from maximum frequency of operation. Somebody...
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    P/S/D 14.2 nic not connected problem

    I installed C@dence P/S/D 14.2 in a XP in node locked license mode with a keys from a keygen. I have a realtek 8139 NIC installed, but not connected to anybody. The program does not start with a message that there is no NIC in the computer. When i'm connected through dial up, I can use all the...
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    Regarding Get2Chip RTL synthesis tool

    Get2Chip?? The RTL synthesys seems to be good - as C@dence has acquired the company. Does someone uses or know something about it?

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