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    pcb circuit diagrams ""may someone create the PCB Layout of this schematic diagrams coz i forgot my laptop at my home " err whats the objective of posting so someone can create a PCB like this. If every one does that we PCB designers have nothing to eat. I believe the plp here are more then...
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    what is electronic design and interface?

    i guess that is designing part what about electronic interfaces? does it mean software interface with hardware??
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    what is electronic design and interface?

    Hi experts may anyone help me clarify what is the basic understanding of electronic design and interface its for very very basic students who just get to know engineering. May i say its all back to basics like electronics basics
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    How to decide in Pads?

    How to decide that weather the available components can be fitted in the given size of the board? Why not you put all the major components in and roughly gauge if its enuff. What i mean is that u put the IC and Big components in. then also remember u might have the opposite layer to place...
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    How to do simulation on impedance control and high speed design in PADS?

    Hi i'm using PADS software, does anyone knows how to do simulation on impedance control and high speed design in this software ?
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    Bridunity power factor rectifier

    rectifier filter hi there thank you , but i would also need formula on how can i obtain the correct values of the inductor and capacitor
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    Bridunity power factor rectifier

    bridge rectifier calculations hi all, what is the general formula to find the value of L1 and C2 after the full wave bridge rectifier to get a smooth output DC voltage. Thanks all taring77
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    full wave bridge rectifier

    hi all how do i calculate the power or power loss of a full wave Bridge rectifier? it does have a series inductor and a parallel capacitor after the rectifier..... Thanks Taring77
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    PCB design rule for MX27

    freescale i mx27 pcb recommendation Hi all, i have MX27 chip, MAPBGA-404, intend to route on 8 layers board any recommendation on stuff like ...address and data to be on which layers? and layer stackup? Thanks
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    Programmable Message LED Light-UP Handheld Personal Fan

    light up programmable message fan hi anyone knows how the Programmable Message LED Light-UP Handheld Personal Fan is done?
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    Basic Television circuitry

    television circuitry Hi all, i've searched in the web regarding television. However there is no links or article that can help me understand how does the ciruitry of the television syatem work. Any one have some dummies for televeion circuit or more informative links? thanks Taring77
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    televison requirement

    Hi all, any one knows the voltage requirement for audio and video part of a CRT television (any size will do) ? Thanks Taring77
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    Half Controlled rectifier circuit

    half controlled rectifier Hi all, what can i expect the output waveform of the circuit be??? if i put in the following parameters AC source rms voltage E=208V input AC source frequency = 60Hz Ripple factor of HCBR is = 2% Vo=208V Ld=1.933mH Cd=7747.45uF Ci=274.9uF i'm not so sure if i...
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    High frequency PWM inverter waveform

    Hi all i have a circuit of High frequency PWM inverter attach, anyone know what should i expect the waveform to be? with Vin to be 200volts Thanks taring77
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    Unable to load libraries in PADS

    Hi, perhaps u can do this... >>open ur library manager >>manage lib list >> add normally the common library is at c:\Mentor Graphics\2005PADS\SDD_HOME\Libraries u can also do a search in ur computer also u can go to h**p://www.pcblibraries.com/ for some free added libraries
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    What is the range considered as high speed PCB?

    Hi all, what is the range considered as high speed PCB? what does frequency ranges in PCB means?
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    8 Layer Board MCU problem

    my question is, how come with new stach up there is a problem. so in another words a fully ground plane 'could' be a major factor? what if i add additional layer to 10 layers and add a ground plane in btw will it help? some say 10 layers might not be too good not sure y.
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    8 Layer Board MCU problem

    Hi all i have a 8 layer board problem. its an mcu board with tis chip IC, MCU, MC9328MX21 -MAPBGA-17x17-289pins frm freescale, a couple of DRAM, Flash, Lan chip etc. When i change the address n data to different layer its not werking well. there is no movement in components. Any one can...
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    HELPPP!!!!! anyone install PADs in window Vista

    anyone install PADs in window vista? please help!

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