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    [SOLVED] radiation pattern of dipole antenna

    I have attached radiation pattern of dipole antenna of wavelength 100mm and frequency 29.9792. please tell me it correcr or not??
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    wparameters used in desidning antenna..

    Please explain these terms as i have problem in giving values to them...
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    HFSS dipole antenna (frequency range 2-18GHZ)!!!!!!

    Hello people! I'm trying to create a dipole antenna at 2-18GHz, but i have some questions. Is there a rule to follow on setting : 1)the dipole radius? 2)the source rectangle? 3) the dimensions of the cylinder (of air) on which i will assign radiation? how to take lambda?? how to...
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    How different parameters of antenna are used in hfss?

    I am designing dipole antenna and it has different parameters like gap,radiation,radius etc.plz tell me how to give values to these parameters
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    is it necessary to draw integration line in Dipole antenna simulation using hfss

    Hi all, I am trying to implement a dipole antenna. I have used a lumpport but my question is if it's necesary defining a integration line in the lumpport or not because errors have not reported during the simulation.Is port's size correct?Thanks.
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    How to draw integration line in designing dipole antenna using hfss???

    plz tell me the procedure to draw integration line which comes when we use lump port?

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