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    Cypress FX2 to Omnivision Camera Module design.

    We need the same application note interfacing omnivision camera with the Cypress fx2lp cy7c68013a, kindly let us know if anything available
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    Where to start learning HDL advanced design?

    Re: HDL advanced design Hdl Chip Design: A Practical Guide for Designing, Synthesizing & Simulating Asics & Fpgas Using Vhdl or Verilog by Douglas J. Smith This book is very good to understand the concepts... u will get the verilog example codes n even the vhdl codes..
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    ne verilog and vhdl code book

    i need a book which has both vhdl n verilog code side by side. if ne one has it plz upload it.
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    Suggestions of a good free Perl IDE

    Re: good perl ide as vinseth said Open Perl IDE is better.. try it.
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    Help me learn using msp430 microcontroller

    hii i m new to msp430 microcontroller. so can ne one tell me where should i start off so that i learn fast.
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    convolutional encoder c source code

    Re: viterbi Decoder i need some more material on viterbi decoder. can somebody upload codes for it.
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    Implementing Viterbi decoder to simulate it in Cadence

    hii i am doing a project on viterbi decoder. to simulate it on cadence. can any one of u plz give some ideas for implementing it.
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    which book is better for beginner

    b.l.theraga hii can u plz guide me regarding whcih book is better for the beginner for analog design razavi or allen holberg is razavi too simple
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    Recommend resources to start studying about radars

    Re: radar try book on radar by skolnik 2nd edition. Much usefull than recent releases. i think its very good book than neother for advanced studies.

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