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    How to use IR detecting photodiodes...

    ir receiver photodiode circuits Hi everybody, sorry to dig up this thread, but there is circuits using a photodiode output as voltage input for an analog comparator without adding an opamp as converter (fig 2 in the linked file)...
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    How to check a L298/L297 circuit ?

    l298 l297 hi, i'm designing the same schematic, I read in the datasheet that the CONTROL pin of the L297 should be connected to VCC if we need to activate A,B,C,D outputs and GND for /INH1 and /INH2, does this mean that : if we have an unipolar stepper motor----> connect CONTROL to GND...
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    import a netlist from ISIS into Eagle ?

    understanding an isis netlist Hi everyone, I have made a circuit using ISIS 7.1 and now I would like to design the Circuit PCB with Eagle Cadsoft (I have the 4.01 version), I found in ISIS that it is possible to compile the netlist in different formats (Multiwire,spice,tango,SDF,...), so...
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    PORTb interruption (CCS compiler)

    portb ccs hi Saeed_pk, My PIC is a 16F876, if you don't mind, what's the difference between them ? now only one interruption comes from RB6 and is generated by a push-button, (just to test the code) but then I'll have to manage at least 3 other interruptions inputs in the other pins. I...
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    PORTb interruption (CCS compiler)

    int_rb ccs Hello all, My code which consists on lightening a LED connected to RA3 with a push-button connected to RB6 was compiled with success (0 error , 2 warnings of conditions always true and false) but did no function when I tried to simulate it with ISIS however it was a simple one (see...
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    Microcontroller Programming Tutorials for Newbie

    answer for pic18 mazidi textbook hi, thanks a lot for this link, do you have any other link for CCS compiler tutorials ??
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    PIC18F impossible simulation with ISIS !!!

    delay function using pic18f1320 hi Iain, sorry for this tardiness, you're right, that was the cause. thank you. Hi Kabanga, I defined my delay function before the main() (see my code above)
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    Difference between PIC 18F4525 and 18F452

    mpasm 18f452 fuses config hi Gorkin, thank you for answering sorry you're right, I should have mentionned my compiler, it's C18 from Microship !!! does this change something ?
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    Difference between PIC 18F4525 and 18F452

    18f4525 Hi everybody, I compiled a very simple C code ( written for the PIC 18F452) and I simulated it with MPLAB SIM in a PIC18F4525 , strangely, i found complete diffenerent outputs: 0x40 (0b01000000) insted of 0x5A (0b01011010) . 0x20 (0b00100000) insted of 0x3A (0b00111010) . did the...
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    PIC18F impossible simulation with ISIS !!!

    pic18f delay Hi all, I'm a begginer in PIC18F programming (I started yesterday ), I'm using Microchip C18 compiler in MPLAB, I compiled some simple programms that I found in the C18 getting started from Microchip web site https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/e...ed_5129 5f.pdf like this...
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    Proteus/ISIS pic18 extended mode simulation?

    pic18f2550 + software isis hi, me I couldn't even be able to simulate the PIC18F452 and PIC18F4525 in ISIS with codes compiled with C18 of Microchip in MPLAB. i'm using very easy programms from C18 getting started guide https://www.kevin.org/frc/C18_3.0_getting_started.pdf help me...
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    PIC18F and parallel Flash memory (NAND type)

    microchip nand flash lib hi, can anybody help me please ?
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    PIC18F and parallel Flash memory (NAND type)

    .lib proteus memory nand I'd like to know where can I download components that are missed in my Proteus ISIS Library (parallel flash memory ) ? thanks in advance.
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    PIC18F and parallel Flash memory (NAND type)

    nand flash pic18f hi, yes they are different, I have to write a low-level C programm to make the PIC able to Write and read from the parallel flash memory. connection between the NAND Samsung memory flash and ATJ2085 (the other processor that share the Memory with the PIC18F) ...
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    PIC18F and parallel Flash memory (NAND type)

    flash memory pic18f hi, I discovered that MMC and SD card are also NAND type memory, does this mean that there will not be differences in the PIC program ?? :| can anybody help me ?
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    PIC18F and parallel Flash memory (NAND type)

    parallel flash memory Hi, I'd like to write and read in a NAND type flash memory (k9f2G08U0M of SAMSUNG) using a PIC18F4525. after some researches in internet, I found this application note from Microchip...
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    SIM300 developement kit

    Hi, I'd like to know whether the SIM300 has a specific developement kit or not and from where can I buy it ? thanks in advance.
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    programming the ATJ2085 (Soc in mp3 player) ???

    soc mp3 player is this an answer or what ? :?:
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    Looking for some mp3 modules (DSP)

    Re: mp3 module Hi, Let us know the result :D good luck, bye.
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    connection 18F4525 - SIM300(GSM Module) ???

    Hello everybody, I would like to know how to connect my GSM module (SIM300) to my microcotroller (PIC 18F4525) ??. I have to command the GSM module so that it dial a number if an input of the PIC 18F4525 is activated, aslo the SIM300 should be able to activate a relay (in the outputs of the...

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